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First trailer Carly Simon - Coming Around Again Any Merry Christmas to the Internet's Harvey Keitel Sidney, siddown... The Stuff Chain Gang - Pretenders View all posts >


4. Bowfinger - Chubby Rain The plaster falling on him I watched this today, Wasn't too bad. 6/10 I seen one years ago. Decent film Good to hear, We're doing fine up this way 🙂 Good man, How's you and family holding up? Listen to her here live, Brilliant. 😊 I took a guess at my nation name and it was ok but obviously too late. I might start another account through the week. Give me a shout Agreed on Amityville II, There's just something about that even to this day that gives me the shits. Everything about it is just doom and gloom. Still a great film though. Threads (1984) Certainly of its time and of its place, Growing up near many primary targets hear in the U.K no film has come close to the terrors this has given me over the years. View all replies >