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Thorn EMI ⤵️ United Artists (1980s) ⤵️ Virgin ⤵️ 7. Nighthawks (1981) I seen the Kurt Russell film about this, It was decent 😁 Cheers Andy, I'll put it on next hangover 👍 A bunch of bellends I've accepted the fact that I'll end up catching it. Got loads of Whisky to treat it with so I'm at peace with the situation. Frasier Hill Street Blues NYPD Blue Only Fools and Horses Oz Spaced The Sopranos The World at War I used to put on the NASCAR late at night when I had a hangover with the sound down. It was quite therapeutic. I don't thinks it on here in the U.K anymore. I'll watch the Ryder Cup with the golf but that's about it. Keep out of my face please, Your breath smells like shite View all replies >