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I wasn't bowled away by the trailer, but Tarantino hasn't let me down so far. I've liked all of his films, and his last one, the underrated The Hateful Eight, is one of my favourites of his. Plus, Margo Robbie. ❤️ BUMP PS: How can people complain about the abundance of political threads when they're not willing to engage in more light-hearted film-orientated ones like this? It's enough to push me to making another political thread... We don't know how long he'd been in that cage for. He was greeted into the world by his parents' horrified screams. What type of effect do you think that's going to have on a new-born? Besides, no-one is born evil. And even if I were wrong, Oswald was only an infant. His parents could nurtured him. Also, Oswald did love his parakeet and his penguins. Maybe he did have the capacity to care for another creature. Hook is his worst film. It's a 2/5 for me. Everything else he's done is at least a 3/10, even 1941, Always and The Lost World. Oswald was treated as a literal circus freak from infancy. I agree that Jack Napier most likely had a shitty childhood too, but I don't get the impression that he was motivated by rejection. He struck me as a bad seed, like Bruce says. Thanks for playing hownos. ;) I liked her. For someone who was written as a spoiled, sheltered rich girl, she came across as amiable and sophisticated. And she wasn't a shitty girlfriend or a slut. Richard was an entitled asshole who assumed she was going to marry him, but after meeting Mick she began to see there was a better, nicer option than the arrogant stuffed-shirt yuppie who most likely saw marrying the boss's daughter as his path up the career ladder. I agree, and it's partly my bad, for which I apologise. The only politics based thread I don't apologise for is the one regarding Islamophobia, as I feel it's an issue that everyone needs to really get to grips with and acknowledge (particularly in view of Friday's acts of terrorism). Still, I am trying to lighten the mood. I just started a 'what is everyone's favourite Disney Animated Film' thread if you're interested. That link won't open. What does it say? Of course everyone is entitled to different opinions. I'm just fascinated to understand why people feel a certain way. I'm not attacking anyone here. View all replies >