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Because no movie plot has directly called for it. This movie is about alternate dimension spider people. They didn’t just throw a black version Spider-Man in there for no reason. The movie is about alternate Spider-People, so they used alternate Spider-People from the comics. Also, Deadpool is pretty pan... Uh... in a movie about parallel universes lol how is that a cop out, they’re literally using actual alternate dimension spider-people from the actual comics, in a movie that’s about spider-people from alternate dimensions. The only way it could be a cop out is if the movie invented the character. All the spider people in it are from the actual comics I actually liked the ending as it was, while I do see a set up for a sequel, but not in the ending itself. I also thought it ridiculous to kill off a whole plane of people too. But I doubt we’d see any of it. I don’t think any of that would be in the sequel, I think it just implies their power, shows they’re not done, and the audience can assume that the two survivors died on the plane thing between the two movies. I loved the ending as it was, gave that whole sinister, ambiguous, unhappy ending vibe, if you forget the whole killing a whole plane of people to kill 2 people thing. Highly doubtful they’d try to make a whole second movie based on that. First movie had all types of rooms to get through, a second movie about only one, would be very bland. I agree it seemed to set up a sequel, but a sequel having nothing to do with the survivors of this movie or their plane demise. I assume they’ll just do a different set of rooms with different “players” for a second movie. I think hereditary was only good around the end. Then I was like, alright, that was a cool concept. But I feel like it’s a movie that I’d just tell my friends what happened rather than recommending them watching it, because most of it felt like a major waste of time. That’s the only time during a horror movie where I was constantly checking my watch in impatience, waiting for something to happen. Granted, when it finally did, it was good, but it sure felt like an hour+ of my time was wasted to get there. I’m confused on which part of that comment is talking about the comics and which part is referring to the movie. I disagree since peter Parker is always the main character in all of them. We already have a current movie series ongoing with Peter Parker as Spider-Man. They did something different. He was in it, and important to it, but he wasn’t front and center like he always is. People can have their Peter Parker by watching live action MCU Spider-Man. An animated peter Parker movie series coming out alongside a live action one just makes no sense. Aladdin Do I have to pick one? The movies I really loved this year are: Into The Spiderverse Venom Avengers: Infinity War Ralph Breaks The Internet Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Upgrade Deadpool 2 Ready Player One I think that’s it. Oh yeah, Upgrade was great Oh okay, thanks for your reply :) I don’t really see it as a trade in, since original Spider-Man was in it, and as a pretty important character, Peter B Parker. He’s your regular earth 616 white guy peter Parker. And there’s quite a few versions of Spider-Man in the comics. Just, Peter B Parker is the most known View all replies >