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Well I don't think there was a need to go to that even though we see him watching Walton flirting her. But basically after she was told how he was "starey" and weird and she was embarrassed of thinking so highly of him recall how she had a completely different cold attitude when she brought him his coffee. He noticed that and how the others already "got" to her. After this realization he knew she was going to ignore him like everybody else (much less be involved with him) and there was only one thing left to do: digitize her. "The goverments a *beep*" ..."but we already knew that" ""First being the lack of moral context given. What are the rules? I wasn't entirely convinced of Daly's "villainy" for his treatment of digital "clones". Are these digital copies just hyper advanced programs that "act" like real people or are they actually sentient beings?"" It is made clear they're totally sentient with the quite lengthy sequence of Nanette's "introduction" into the virtual world. They go to great lenghts to establish that the whole time she's totally convinced she's real ("but I'm me...") and naturally doesn't understand how she got instantly transfered in a "spaceship". So the same goes for the others and so yes it is cruel even if they're just software. ""Second it is established that the digital "clones" have been stuck in Daly's game program for a very very long time and have tried and failed many times to escape/undermine Daly's program with no success. Nannette shows up and pretty much immediately single-handed comes up with the solutions to undermine Daly's program where the others collectively could not in all their time there."" This is established earlier in the real world when she's introduced to us as a very skilled programmer who applied for the job because she admired her boss's code programming innovations (meaning she was at a close level). She was way better with computers/programming/hacking than any of the others and both of her two "tries" for a solution were largely based on those skills. In short for the first time they had a "match" for their coding genius tyrant-god. ""Don't even get me started on digital Nannette easily convincing real life Nannette to commit a felony against her boss no less without hesitation and may very well be implicated in his death later, all so her pg 13 lingerie photos (ridiculous no matter how x rated) would't be released on the internet and to people she knows? Come on!"" Kind of far-fetched yes. Still she was a quite timid person and these pictures it was established were extreme XXX... ""This is absolutely ridiculous. Why did not just the computer-Nanette talk to Nanette and say 'Hey, your boss took dna from you, put it in a modded version of infinity at his home and tortures it!'."" They showed with the first message earlier that Real-Nanette wouldn't buy in the whole sentient character/virtual world scenario. She thought it was a joke (she was convinced by her boss it was spam messaging). Would you believe this? I don't think anyone would. So they had to just --force her--- with something. ""Instead their original plan was just 'let's destroy the dna and kill ourselves'. What would the result be? Next day Daly goes coffee-cup collecting, a week later new digital versions of them go through the same endless tragedy.."" That is a good point. At least it is not explained if they really anticipated Real-Daly would die. If he didn't he might as well go at it all over again. ""Another mistake: Taking DNA does not mean take their memory also.."" Yes, I don't know why they went with DNA-scanning instead of mind-uploading. Maybe because they've already explored this in previous episodes and they wanted to try something different? They didn't explain how memories got "scanned" and "uploaded" through DNA. ^^^ Great point. Resistance is futile. Since he is the main protagonist try the english dubbed version where Oliver Reed does Oliver Reed with an American accent (sort of). Actually no. He only appeared in the 12th ep. of the last (5th) season. Watch her French movies. They don't have to bring her to Hollywood. Thoughts? Just out of professional curiosity.. what are you on? Sorry to spoil it to you guys and girls but Melissa George [i]is[/i] actually wearing a bra, it's obvious. Other than that agree on all points... View all replies >