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I am adding my two cents here bc I love your sign off. No longer watch John Ford movies bc of his blatant disregard for animals, not that I was much of a fan in the first place. I liked this movie even though it was cliche in parts as were some characters. But I like Donald Faison and the guy who played the super. Was there really a winner/loser here? They took the brains to insert them in their own forms. We became them and they became us. Evolution or de-evolution? BS indeed. Not taking your ignorant bait. fo Dear God! Statutory rape. Never ever liked him in any capacity. He was a complete doofus in this and most of his movies. “Poor Nancy” (couldn’t stand her either also in any capacity). I don’t get the adoration by his party. Part of our problems today. 🤮🤮🤮 June 14, 2020: so what do you think of your observations now Jeff? Pandemic, demonstrations, cops blatantly being murderers on camera and seemingly not a care about any punishment, threats to turn our own military on citizens, climate change ratcheting up, the environment in danger, decimation of our forests to ship bio-mass to Asia and on and on and on, none of it good. MAGA! DUMP tRump! Bring on the home clinics! I want my 20 minutes of Pink Floyd, Hendrix and purple haze. The first part of this is the best: now you’ve done it! You tore off one of my chests! Watching it now on TCM. I love both Myrna Loy and Robert Montgomery. It is a little scattered. I just came to the conclusion that he is decidedly bi-polar. 15 minutes to go, she back with her father. Going to stick it out to see what happens, he just took the tree. Life could be fun with him but it also would be exhausting. I was 11 when this came out. On the verge of all this pop culture. Beach movies were ok but there were more interesting things on the horizon. But I well remember, most if not all the boys really really liked Annette. But your are so right! Her hair/wig was so matronly and unflattering. Anyone other than Annette would have been trashed. Robert Cummings >>>>>Love that Bob>>>>> Woof❣️ That’s because they are all on lots of activity. I thought this site was for movies only. Saw a tv show listed by accident. We all had those isotoners in the 80s! I just came on this movie at this spot. And I was thinking about what a great singer Roy Orbison was. when I hear RO I always remember the time I was in Las Vegas and my sister’s in-laws who lived and worked there got us tickets to Legends of Hollywood. This was the mid80s. Anyway, we hung back at the end and a few of the performers came out to meet us. It was fun, the Elvis guy was pretty cute. As we were standing there I noticed that the Roy impersonator was getting ready to move on me, so I sidled out of his reach and we left. To this day whenever I hear RO, which isn’t often, I think of that. Good times (?). And yes, this is a crazy but interesting movie. View all replies >