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"Most likely one of the others in attendance would have quickly slit his throat and then asked him if he saw that future as well." This should have been how it ended. It actually would have been truer to the rest of the show. lol. this is so true if you think about it. lol. That should be the very last scene of the whole series. Then it would all have been worth it. I have to say that all of the flowery language here does the movie a bit of a disservice. I agree that Olmi loves his characters, and it's a great experience to see turn-of-the-past-century Italian farm life in such detail, but I'm sure that this film is meant to creep up on you and have more bite than you'd expect, albeit in a very low-key way. If you really think about it, as innocent and idyllic as it all may seem, it's a damning commentary on human society as a whole, with life in the farming village meant to serve as a microcosm of larger society and all of the hypocrisies and inequities and lack of empathy that we just take for granted. I mean, for all of the outward piousness and rote prayers and superficial cooperation, not a single neighbor raises a finger to speak up for the family that was unfairly evicted at the end. Not only that, no one helps them move or even just wishes them well. Instead everyone hides from the family's sight because it's considered a shameful thing to be evicted. The episode with the Catholic nun springing the adoption on the newlyweds also shows how this religious institution for all its supposed sanctity just sees the adoption of children as not much more than a business transaction. The couple will get the money that was left with the boy, and the family is meant to view the adoption as being beneficial not because the boy is going to bring love and happiness into the home but because he's a future working hand. Sorry if I interrupted all of your dreamy reveries.... View all replies >