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Replies Carter Slade if the Phantom Rider in that time. The main villain should be Lilith the Queen of demons. Nightmare is defeated by Naomi Kale. Zadkiel is a villain along with Deathwatch. They also face Blackhost and Centurious in possession of Madcap. Robbie Reyes faces Madcap. The heroes take on villains and army of demons brought on by Lilith. In the finale Dan Ketch defeats Lilith. Daimon Hellstrom defeats Centurious. • Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch Galactus should be the main villain of the show. Adam Warlock should be the lead character. There are other fans that could come up with ideas for other villains. Adam Warlock in the end defeats Galactus. The roll call should be Pip the Troll and Moon Dragon. They report to Adam Warlock. Maxam is a member of Infinity Watch in the MCU. Moon Dragon takes on Griffin during this as this could be season 2 of Moon Dragon. Magitron taken on by Moon Dragon while Adam Warlock takes on Psycho Man. The First Season of Lady Liberators there’s on the team Tigra, Hellcat, Thundra and Valkyrie. There’s the Winter Guard as the villains. On the team of Neo Soviets Vangard, Darkstar, Crimson Dynamo and Ursa Major. The Lady Liberators defeat the Neo Soviets. There should in the beginning be Tigra fighting Red Ghost. She defeats him in the show during the origins with his minions defeated by the others on the team. Following that in the 2030’s there should be a couple of seasons of the Quasar and the Winter Guard TV show. Tania Belinsky as Lightstar teaming with the heroes. There should be various Winterguard villains from the comics. One of the seasons should be Redmont 6 as the villains. There should be flashbacks on the origin of Quasar on earlier episodes of the show. Dire Wraiths, Presence and Fantasma with Deathwings should be villains of the Winter guard series. There should be an episode when Tania as Lightstar is killed by one of the villains in battle. More ideas could be written in by other fans. • Weapon X TV series What should be the MCU solo Wolverine Weapon X TV series. to when they face Mojo and Spiral together with minions of Mojo. Wolverine is the lead hero. There should still be the Generation X movie. Long Shot teams with Wolverine. This should be X-Men prequel. There should be a shot of the accident that paralyzes Charles Xavier. Wolverine meets with him and this is the forming of the X-men. There could be the beginning with Logan discovering he’s a mutant and years later facing Spiral and then in the Mojoverse meeting with Longshot. Spiral is who paralyzes Professor X with the sword after knocking down Wolverine. That’s when Logan starts going by Wolverine. It’s Wolverine in recovery defeats Spiral and sends Professor X to the hospital just before going to Mojo’s world teaming with Longshot. There is also Deadpool to appear on the show with Wolverine teaming with him. It’s to be prequel to the Uncanny X-Men movie. Other heroes and villains are to appear from Weapon X. There could be other notable Weapon X villains in the series. Wolverine is the main character of the series and teaming with Deadpool. Maverick and Silver Fox could appear on the Weapon X tv series that serves mainly as Wolverine backstory. There should be an episode with Deadpool as a villain who fights Wolverine. There should be Mastermind as a villain Deadpool in redemption kills Mastermind by shooting him down. • Spirits of Vengeance (ABC miniseries) There should be the Spirits of Vengeance Miniseries in between the Midnight Sons movies. This should consist of 8 to 10 episodes. Nightmare could be a villain. On the team are Johnny Blaze, Daimon Hellstrom, Dan Ketch as a newcomer, The Punisher Frank Castle, Naomi Kale and Michael Badilino. The Thunderbolts team take on other super villains fans could come up with ideas for from Maggia. A TV show for 2030 on Disney Plus should be Tigra as she’s a lady liberator or Fearless Defenders. Thundra, Valkarye and Black Widow Yelena Belova join with Tigra. The Neo Soviets are the villains. On the team Andrea Rostov is known as Red Barbarian leading the team. Also on the team are Ursa Major, Vanguard, Darkstar and Ivan Krushki. More fans could write in more ideas with this. There are Russian soldiers who are in league with Red Barbarian. The team takes them on. Other fans could put in ideas for the Sentry TV series like Mentallo being a villain defeated by Sentry and Cosmo the Space Dog could appear on the show. There are ideas to start off with for the X-Factor TV series. There should be Strong Guy, Polaris and Layla Miller with notable new Mutants and X-Factor members from the comics. Other fans could write in more ideas. James Madrox as Multiple Man is a villain in the series. He’s defeated by Strong Guy. Villains should be Charon, Carnivore, Caliban and Cassandra Nova after Multiple Man is defeated. There could be earlier episodes with Callisto as the main villain leading the Morlocks. Also there are Angel Dust, Masque, Annalee, Plague, Tommy, Erg Tarbaby, Ape, Scaleface and Glow Worm in cameos. All hose villains get defeated. Polaris in the finale defeats Cassandra Nova. Callisto is redeemed. So is Multiple Man that leads into his own movie. Others fans or the writers themselves could write in more ideas. X-Factor could air on F/X or Disney Plus and lead into X-Men 2099 films but take place in modern times. Red Hulk defeats Zaran. The Punisher in a gun fight takes on Tina, Millie, Sam and Steve. He ends up killing them. There are other villains in cameo who take on the other members of the team while Red Hulk takes on the Hood. Answer, Living Laser, Masked Marauder, Bulldozer and Scarecrow are dealt with by Black Widow, Red Hulk, Man-Thing and Clint Barton known as Ronin who put together the Thunderbolts. All those villains are defeated. The team goes their own ways. This is during the season finale It is Red Hulk the leader of the Thunderbolts team who defeats the Hood. Those villains are arrested. · The Astonishing Thunderbolts TV series for ABC The series could start out Punisher taking on the Russian Mafia lead by Tiberiu Bulat with his son Christu. The Punisher whacks them out with explosions and gun fighting. Tiberiu and Christu are shot and killed by the Punisher. The Main this show that should be ABC miniseries is Count Luchino Neferia. Hitman works for him as well. Madame Masque the daughter of Count Nefaria is in Maggia. This film should begin with the Punisher killing Moses Magnum. Hitman is working for Maggia. The Punisher kills Hitman and meets with Red Hulk. It should be a younger actor as Red Hulk. In the final battle The Punisher faces criminal mastermind Count Nefaria and shoots him in the leg. There should be an episode when Red Ronin defeats Oddball. Taskmaster in an episode kills Eduardo Lobo. Elektra takes on Madame Masque. She defeats her without killing. Elektra talks of killing the gangster Biggie Benton. The Thunderbolts roll call there are Songbird in redemption, Red Hulk, Jolt, Elektra, Taskmaster and Red Ronin. On the Maggia team are also Vito, Silvio, Danny and Ace with other gangs of then. Red Hulk and Songbird together take on Vito, Silvio, Danny and Ace. They defeat them. The Thunderbolts take on Maggia. The Punisher and Red Hulk lead the Thunderbolts team. There could be in the beginning of Vienna she fights The Owl and his thugs that are escaped convicts just as the Owl had gotten out of prison and the Owl is Lee Owsley. This should be the Masters of Kung Fu TV series. She defeats them. Vienna is in origin when she fights the Owl but also the other members are on the team and there are other Masters of Kung Fu villains on the show that they face. Iron Fist could make a TV comeback on Masters of Kung-Fu TV series. Iron Fist and Vienna could be the lead characters. Other villains on Masters of Kung FU TV series are Emperor Zhung Zu as the main villain. Others are Quan-St’ar and Shai-Than. Other heroes could be Black Jack Tarr, Clive Reston, Leiko Wu and Rufus T. Hackstabber. Other guest heroes or villains on Masters of Kung Fu should be Shen Kuai/The Cat, Rufus Carter also known as the Midnight, Shadow Slasher, Kogar and guest appearance by Master Izo played by Chow-Yun Fat. Phillipe Bazin could be one of the main villains of the Darkhawk TV series. Andrea Haggard going by Lodestone is another villain for Darkhawk to face. His father of the NY PD is arrested for bribery during the show. There should be an episode with Kyle Richmond as a villain that Darkhawk faces. Darkhawk defeats Nighthawk. Nighthawk later on is in redemption. Darkhawk should take place in 2019 earlier on. · Thunderbolts TV Series (ABC) This should be taking place in modern times as the show should be released in 2025 that’s the year it takes place In this show Black Widow Yelena Belova, Man-Thing, Red Hulk, Clint Barton as Ronin and The Punisher join forces. Black Widow is the team leader of the Thunderbolts. The primary antagonist is The Hood. There are also members of his gang. It is Parker Robbins as the main villain of this series. Members of the Hood’s gang are Scarecrow, Bulldozer, Answer, Living Laser, Masked Marauder and people going by Tina, Millie, Sam and Steve. There could be an episode when Ronin defeats Machete. Maybe in the early There should be Cassie Lang/Stinger TV series Maybe villains could be Fear Lords like Dweller in Darkness, Lurking Unknown, Knox, Straw Man or KKallakku. Cassie Lang as the Stinger takes on Lurking Unknown and K'Kallakku. Captain American Sam Wilson could make appearances on the Young Avengers miniseries. Young Avengers team on the series with Stinger/Cassie Lang joining the team on an episode when Captain America defeats the Wizard and the Controller on that episode as they should be a one-episode appearance. Captain America should appear again in the finale. Miss Marvel, Hawkeye and Stinger Cassie Lang join with other heroes. Also Bobbi Morse with that same actress from Agents of Shield is reprising her role is there in costume going by Mockingbird. She does get killed in battle by the Wizard. On the Young Avengers Hydra could return with members of the team Commander Kraken, Bob, Space Phantom, Arnold Brown and Laura Brown as the Young Avengers face them and Miss Marvel defeats the Laura Brown. Others on the roll call are Harley Keener/Iron Lad, Speed, Hulking, Patriot and Wiccan. They each go their own ways after the series ends but Miss Marvel joins the Avengers team lead by Captain America. Also many Hydra agents are brought back to life. Iron Lad Harley Keener takes on the Controller just as Captain America takes on the Wizard. Andreas Von Strucker is leader of Hydra. Kate Bishop as Hawkeye takes him on. This is a different fan who put in the ideas of Moon Knight and Ghost Rider television show. Other fans could put in ideas for a Man-Thing TV series in the 2020’s later that decade. Man-Thing should be a 2028 show taking place in 2021. It begins with Dr. Theodore Sallis becoming Man-Thing. There are Fear Lords as the villains. There could be Fear Lords Nox and Straw Man as the main villains of the Man-Thing solo miniseries as he defeats them in the end. Man-Thing also takes on Dweller in Darkness. There are below ideas for future TV shows on the MCU. · Deathlok TV Series HYDRA agents killed long ago are brought back to life. Andrea Von Struker the daughter of Wolfgang the Baron is the main villain. Edgar Lascome is a villain Deathlok kills on the series. She is in the end killed by Deathlock. He kills HYDRA agents. This should be ABC or Freeform (Other Fans could write in ideas) Eric Josten could be the main villain of the Moondragon series with Arcade as a side villain. There should be other enemies of Moon Dragon on the TV series. You fans could put ideas in. Eric Josten is known as Power Man. A Moondragon TV series could be in the later 2020’s. Other fans could write in the ideas for the Moondragon TV series. Moon Dragon takes down Murderworld at the defeat of Arcade. Other fans could write in the Power Pack TV show like if there is another season In Power Pack King Cobra is the leader of the Serpent Squad while a woman becomes Cottonmouth with Puff Adder, a woman now known as Diamond Back with Black Mamba and Constrictor as maybe Constrictor. In Power Pack King Cobra is the leader of the Serpent Squad while with Puff Adder, a woman now known as Anaconda with Black Mamba and Constrictor as maybe Constrictor or Black Mamba joined the Serpent Society You fans could write the ideas in. There could be an episode when Franklin Richards defeats Anaconda. You fans could write the ideas in. Different villains on Power Pack Season 2 like Power Pack villains but Franklin Richards possibly on both Power Pack seasons. Absent older members of the Avengers are on different missions or in another dimension. That's in the Avengers crossover of Star Wars. Maybe Lady Thor absent but there could be members of the Avengers who Captain America and Captain Marvel asked for coming to them in NYC and younger ones to rescue SHIELD agents. In the Wolverine vs. Hulk prelude comics it should be George Tarleton as MODOK who Hulk takes on. On the Lady Liberators TV show it should be Boris as Crimson Dynamo. View all replies >