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Well done Slytherin HOWEVER Why are gay people on tv suddenly making headlines again? The sewer gangbang scene Why is he the most discussed person on this site? Excellent, but one big disappointment Did Cersei really do anything wrong? What was the point of this movie again? 5th on Top 250 Defend the Best Picture nomination Netflix and black male white female couples. View all posts >


How is Jules, one of the baddest mofos in town, even fine with some skinny white kid saying the N-word repeatedly in front of him? "This has nothing to do with politics" Suuuuuuuuuuure. So Pennywise eating children is fine, but god forbid anyone is mean to homosexuals? These people are mentally ill. If we're to believe the "climate experts", this world should instead experience global cooling after nearly ten years without airplanes, factories etc. letting out toxic gas. At least we did finally get a winter episode, but it probably won't happen again anytime soon. No, this finale was great. Nice to finally get a winter episode for a change. Your loss. They're pretty good mivies. Worse than Moonlight, The Artist and The Hurt Locker? Fuck no. I'd say Green Book is one of the better ones. Also, why do people pretend Argo is bad? It's one of the best. Totally deserved. Not only because it was the best of the bunch, but it also brings back hope to this category that it doesn't always go to Disney. This completely average superhero movie gets SEVEN nomination, while Infinity War, which was superior in every way, gets ONE. Yeah, we totally don't have an agenda. You want examples? Fine. Bird Box The Haunting of Hill House The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Stranger Things Jessica Jones Sex Education View all replies >