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It flew under the radar. People probably thought it's a teen slasher. She clearly meant don't get caught by Finn during the morning picture, and thus give away the secret of the 8am picture. But yes she thought she could somehow change something that has already happened - her getting caught by Finn. All the other stuff with gambling at the dog races never contradicted the pictures, so that went smoothly. This bugged me too. But I'm ok with it because it didn't affect the plot much. The shady bookies were <spoiler>killed before the final act</spoiler>. Also it was understandable that Jasper would bet on greyhounds because the movies shows us that Jasper actually had an interest in greyhound racing even before any of the time-lapse stuff started. So it was probably his immediate instinct to make money off it. The kids weren't partially responsible, they let the dog out and it froze to death. And even if it didn't, the dog would have starved/gotten lost in the snow. That's when I started rooting for Grace. I was rooting for Grace to murder the brats at the end. You kill an innocent dog, you deserve to die. Also it is implied that he is a therapist and she is his patient. Immediate grounds for losing his license. I cheered when <spoiler>got a bullet put in his stupid head.</spoiler> Pretentious garbage. 30. A gaping hole through your stomach can be fixed up overnight with a beer and a campfire. 31. The only side effects of this surgical operation are a badass tattoo and changes to hair colour. 32. You could be bleeding to death in the desert, but when you hear people in the distance, your first instinct is to hide and not call for help. 33. The way you know someone is a misogynist is they give a speech about the inferiority of women before attempting to murder one. 34. A 100lb woman can leave a trail of blood so long that you need a car to follow it. 35. If you a naked, barefoot and vulnerable woman in the desert who is looting a dead body, you will ignore the clothes and shoes for the guns and holsters. 36. Blood flows around corners of walls. 37. A driver will gently stop his speeding Range Rover if you put a bullet in his head. 38. Party drugs make you smart. 39. Anyone following your blood trail won't even see a speck of blood if you just give yourself a DIY bandage. Maybe something about how workers are like farm animals now. But yeah the movie collapsed on itself in the last act. According to Wiki, the American government of the day promised citizens up to 160 acres of land if they could move to these desolate areas and make something of the land there (start a farm, or a business). This was called the Homestead act. And the families lived at least half a mile apart, if not more. The extreme isolation led to what's called 'prairie madness' which is the basis of this movie. View all replies >