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no way someone like Drippy forgets his password. I'm picturing Steve Buscemi in Billy Madison. I want to know the story behind "it" having to switch accounts. I'm sure its an interesting story at the very least. <b>We should keep asking "it" unit "it" responds. It would be a team effort or course. "It" will either answer or slowly lose "its' mind.</b> ...and while I'm bumping this, I'll bump this one as well.... This frightens me too... in all seriousness. The left (especially on here) scare me more than our current sitting potus will ever "say" or "tweet". You're about as tolerable as him as well. Good job. Good lord.........ENOUGH with the BAY-HATE. Its so tiresome. I enjoy a good joke as much as the next schmuck, regardless of position... but this wasn't even funny. Hence the long running gag of you "lol'ing" at every chance you can muster. There is no need to attack your character dteam, a metric fuck-ton of your post from the past 2-3 years speak for them selves. I wish there was a "post" search with "key" words on this site. You would bury your head in the sand for the next millennia no doubt. If Trump loses the election in November any sane and reasonable person will get on with their lives unlike you sorry saps. That being said, I would choose Trump in power over you, Drippydaddy, dreammonkey, slimone, snepts or joogle in any lifetime. YOU folks and your mentality are more scary and dangerous than anything I can imagine. What is it exactly that you think Josh Whedon did? I'm defiantly no fan of his. I liked Angel and Cabin in the Woods but I dont care much for any other of his work so I'm no fan boy. But if you are going to try and cancel someone for "something" need to explain yourself. Folks like you are the dangerous ones, make no mistake or confusion about it. And please, dont go silent, give us a reason why you want to see Josh Whedon burn so bad. View all replies >