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joi2049 Missing In Action..... HAPPY 4th OF JULY EVERYONE! Painekiller.... Will A Movie Ever Be Made????? Jeff Goldblum Smartest Man Alive I named my cat after him... Debut on AMAZON Tomorrow the 31st!!! DJ's page loading SLOW as fk Brie is being asked to step down and let a POC helm CM Brie Larson being asked to step down from CM Anyone else excited about this?? View all posts >


<blockquote>[–] ultravioletx (2080) 3 hours ago I've been running circles around this chump all day. Shit is hilarious.</blockquote> Oh-my... you cant possibly believe that, can you? My sentiments exactly. It's pretty terrifying , I truly mean that. I can only hope folks like Dog & Keelia are just the rare and few outliers that dont count or amount to much. BTW, you've been hitting bullseye after bullseye on here. Nicley done. Their "loaded language" grows so tiresome. I'm suprised you're able to tolerate it. Doggie, you never answered my question a while back (neither did Keelai for that matter) - Are you FOR or against ANTIFA? Yes, please give an example so there leaves no doubt. I'm a very un-trusting person and I trust even less on this MovieChat site, so please give an example so I can trust what you are saying. Thanks. Oh man... If that's the case, I apologize. I wouldn't wish 'doggiedaddy' on my worst enemy, lol. He/She is too insufferable for long term exposure. All the SPF-10 in the world wont prevent the cancer Doggie will eventually give you. I'm surprised I never see the infamous Doggiedaddy try to oppose your views. I am guessing he knows you are leagues ahead. BTW, just an FYI - Keelai refuses to condemn or renounce ANTIFA. And believes the Antifa violence is just a Russian conspiracy. Here's the discussion if you feel like giving it a read. <blockquote></blockquote> Hope I posted that right. Take care. Do you know why the Mars Rover Spirit & Opportunity didn't find water on mars? ....Trump. And also, do you know why after 14 years of operation that the rover Opportunity stopped sending signals and is now presumed defunct -DEAD....maybe even killed. Its because of Trump, make no mistake. We lost contact with Opportunity on June 10, 2018, the same time Tump was president. Coincidence?? Yeah, tell that to the anti-Christ Republiduds. Where the two 'GUYS' that spoke up about "sensory overload' & 'gender pronouns' just pointing out the absurdity of all of it and not actually part of the group? And thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. Much appreciated. Can someone put what happened in layman's terms for my idiot brain? ....was it the 'JAZZ HANDS' thing? Or is there more to it? I have not seen the convention and only want the Cliffs Notes. Transformers Transformers 3 Transformers 2 All the way down here.... Transformers 4 Transformers 5 View all replies >