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Hulu rekindled my love Is Tom a level 5 Laser Lotus yet? HAPPY EARLY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE So what happened to Doggiedip? Anyone watching Tony Bobulinski interview right now? For those who think Biden is so "PRESIDENTIAL" Half MALTESE Remnants of the one they called FROGARAMA Great Soundtrack View all posts >


1. The Grey 2. Unknown 3. Cold Pursuit Im not being overly picky on these choices and Liam has been in 40-50 films since TAKEN and I certainly have not seen half of them. The 3 choices above are the ones that stuck out for me and had the most fun watching. for me its the corniness I'm laughing at. This is just as bad as George Clooney as Batman. I also believe these posters above are laughing at the pandering, not the "blackness", if there is such a thing..... The only point you made is that you say stupid shit lies. Kiss kiss. Definitely a must. Unfortunately when I hit episode 10 - season 2, I realized it was over almost before it began. Holy crap, I could've sworn i saw Keelai, Doggiedaddy and Ultraviolet in that video. They were sitting at the computer desk less than 2 meters apart. TOM CRUISE was pissed. I thought he rocked the beard-wizard look really well. You have to see Keelai for what this poster is. Keelai is SOOO far gone, the outrageous stuff this person posts with out any sort of nuance leads me to believe this person is a troll or a bonafide lunatic. <blockquote>There's no way you're not a shill. Be like DoggieDaddy and delete your account.</blockquote> 🤣 👍 <blockquote>[–] snepts (7292) 24 minutes ago ....more stupid and hateful words, have never been spoken, is how I see it. Cameron is a repeated and public fool, while the opposing examples aren't even real.... </blockquote> What is not real and hateful about what <b>TimMC </b> said? Are you denying that BLM, ANTIFA and other groups of people were <b>NOT </b> participating in vandalism and other nefarious activities (including but not limited to the occupation of CHAZ) while ignoring the safety protocols of social distancing? Flying in the face of all the precautions we are told to abide for <b>EVERYONES SAFETY?</b> And that the Left leaning Mainstream Media failed to say anything about it at the time to the extent they are right now? Are you telling me that didn't happen and is not real? That I imagined all of it? ....well fuck mister, I guess I need to reevaluate my life. Thank you for showing me the real truth. BTW, I don't give two shits about Kirk Cameron, I was just agreeing with Timmy on the hypocrisy. But thats typical of someone like you and Metatron below to auto-sync me with Kirk & Trump supporters because I dont buy into your arrogant, sanctimonious bull shit. You're a phony Snepts. Also, you want to know who taught and continues to teach me to see through BS? People like you buddy. Thats no joke. Its all pretty disgusting isn't it? View all replies >