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I'm not dead yet. I'm just tired of reading & responding to the same bullshit over & over & over again. The repetitiveness is stupefying. me too [quote]Do you have anything better to do than name call?[/quote] What [i]name[/i] did he call you? haha, spot on. Still a super cool place to live though. I think so. The premise and suspense in the beginning is good, just bad execution on the end part. But thats only my take on it. And it helps that it has to do with the (REAL LIFE) [b]Dyatlov Pass incident[/b]. That makes the first half that much more intriguing. And the proposition of Infrasound's as the possibility of the real-life culprit. I never told you to shut up you crazy person. That's how I remember the old saying goes as well. "If you didn't vote, you don't get to complain". I remember people saying that all my life, phrasing it that exact way. This is the 1st time I've heard anyone say "no vote = Full complaint rights". To try to justify that is ridiculous. Fixed. for the better I hope. oops, my bad. Lol, what was so wrong with Iron Man 3? I swear it's like the poor red-headed stepchild that I love so much. It never gets the love it deserves around here ;) View all replies >