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Did Guy and Val Kilmer lookalike around 1998? Didn't I see this plot on Scooby Do once or twice? Talk about taking a job for money. Why Did Miss Peggy Vanish from The Andy Griffith Show? Is this movie no longer scary because of Ghostbusters? If it's okay for a black man to play James Bond... Scott Glen was horrible Has a movie named after a song ever been good? So this is another Catwoman in another city? The Bond discussion View all posts >


exactly what I came to post. She's been working, but I missed her performances, too. Thanks for your insight. Plus the "war" was escalated by Kennedy and escalated by Johnson. Though I believe Johnson acted on misleading intel. So you make a valid point. The people who bought the stock were going to buy shares anyway. They didn't buy the stock because Stewart sold them and hers weren't the only shares available. I don't know how someone could prove her specific shares were purchased and by whom. Buying stock is always a risk. IMO, YOLT is worst Bond film ever. I would say DAF worse than NSNA if I didn't consider it an unintentional parody. Between TB and NSNA again I give a slight edge to TB primarily because NSNA is too 80s-ed up and looks more dated. So I give your post a lot of merit. I am excluding the Craig films from my analysis. I suspect the OP spends lonely night pleasuring their self to reruns of Full House. Good point, but she did more time than Lori and people were going to buy that stock anyway. Refresh my memory. Tell me what Stewart did and why it was worse? Lori did try to cheat deserving students out of an education by illegally paying to get her non-academic kids in a college. She and her husband could have done like smarter multi-millionaires and made a legal endowment to place their non-academic children ahead of deserving students. That would have cost about the same (when legal costs are included) and been a lot less embarrassing. Plus an endowment is good publicity. You have a strange sense of humor, but it is not without merits. View all replies >