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This Burl Ives' movie this show is painful. got his start on Unsolved Mysteries Got to give her credit for working constantly. How viable is a movie based on a cliche from three years ago which no use uses anymore? Oops! the last slaveholding President trailer I am sure most people who talk about the book have never read it. why can't the guy accept he made a bad movie? View all posts >


When do you expect these charges to be filed? You have a very active imagination. Nothing in either of your posts is based in fact. Good luck in life. Yes, abortion is sometimes necessary. I never said otherwise. Don't think it is unnoticed you have failed to answer my question: Are you saying abortion is a reasonable form of birth control? I said abortion is not an effective and safe form of birth control. My stance is the same as Planned Parenthood's. I am not sure how you interpolate that as a right wing stance. Once again: Are you saying abortion is a reasonable form of birth control? Actually, the OP did not make the comparison simply on the basis of their race as you suggested, The OP listed five reasons both women are the same type and would be competing for the same roles. Race was one. Just as it would be if the same question was asked about Winoa Ryder and Jamie Gertz. Type plays a large part in why actors/actresses are hired, especially early in their careers. My answer to the OP's actual question is Halle's career flourished because she has more charisma, though additional factors are no doubt in the mix. I have toagree about ATJ. Three times budget is good and I don't see how that was a mass market film. I would agree with that assessment. Based on what you posted that wouldn't make him a homophobe. That would make him a person who could not wrap his head around the concept of homosexuality. TDS is strong in this one. TDS is strong in this one. View all replies >