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I never watched Ironside, so I can't judge. However, Perry Mason is continually rerun and remade, successfully. That says something. That's pretty much the premise of Batman TV shows that don't feature Batman. Take Gotham for example. It could have existed with no Bruce Wayne and the characters without DC names. I suspect the Joker script was unsold until the writer thought: "Make the crazy guy the Joker and shoe-in Batman mythology." Fractured thinking like this is why the DC movies and shows really don't work as part of the DC universe. I, too, have never seen this show, but I speculate the show is in it's own universe, not part of the DCEU. I have never seen it and I know everything you posted is accurate. agreed Americans don't occupy Cuba. Gitmo is a naval base that is 45 squares miles. The bases sets on leased property. The military is not allowed outside of the base as described in the film. He got a bunch of money and slept with Rachel Bilson. So, no, I don't feel bad for him. If he no longer has the money and/or Bilson, then he screwed up. Lucas when he decided the standalone STAR WARS was a vehicle for selling toys and decide to retcon he had a plan (like the Cylons) for a set of three trilogies. If by false pretenses you mean the claim that Saddam had WMDs, then you need to consider that nearly every nation in the world and Bill Clinton agreed. The intelligence communities of the those nations supported that claim. I personally believe the WMDs did not exist and the war was wrong, but the picture is much bigger than you see. Then you should know the film is full of inaccurate clichés. View all replies >