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Facebook Bans Holocaust Film for Violating Race Policy – Rolling Stone Bond's family Democratic Strategy Democratic Strategy he played Italians and a French dwarf, but... famous for being good looking and wearing really ugly clothes? a Jewish guy playing a WASP running a Mafia family Are other American citizens in prison in Russia? Was this move originally planned to be a theater film? Why is Uncle Tom called a sellout? View all posts >


Han may have needed money to get off the planet or more likely plot required it. Because commercials pay a lot, take little time. and are no longer a stigma. The Riddler needed a better movie to elevate him to Joker status. TDK has a number of problems but is a much better film than TB. Batman is difficult to translate to film. What works on in a comic book often looks silly in a film. For example - Robin and Batgirl work in the comics, but in film... Recent directors claim thier movies are based in reality, but they aren't. A reality based Batman might work if set in the 40's using atom punk technology and a real noir detective story. Regardless of various claims TB was not noir or a detective story. Bruce Wayne would have a bigger role as he is a social and business leader with access to information. Batman would show only to act on what Wayne has discovered. But this filmis not what the public expects. You nailed it. Ledger made TDK, but the other performances were good as was the script. Tho I will acknowledge a few missteps in the script. It is already LGBTQ. The Lion is gay. Tin Man is non binary. Miss Gulch is a drag queen. The WWW is lesbian obsessedly chasing Dorothy. concerning number 3. that happens in a lot bands. Having my ego in check, I think I would love the guys who me get rich, famous, and have sex with women who wouldn't look at me otherwise. Duran Duran seems to have that aspect under control. i was kidding about Syd. I agree Gilmour was key in their success. Waters has created his own private dystopia and he needs to live in it by himself IMO. impressive A cross bow? Lana is self-centered, stuck-up, vacuous, and boring. My self-esteem is too high. Lois is my choice. View all replies >