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Ben got his ass handed to him… "Eye of the Tiger" Is it any good? Lethal Weapon 5 Beavis & Butthead sketch... Has that rotary gun ever been used in other movies? Did she lose her mojo like Jonah Hill and Rebel Wilson did....? Pretty satisfying finale… = Ted McGinley? = Ted McGinley? View all posts >


The Beastmaster is looking TIRED. Get some rest, Dar. Get some rest. Maybe try the decaff. He's not even a very good actor. Typically just a one-note guy who plays the same kind of character over and over. People just equate him with good because he has been in some very good movies. This guy is a total dick. Just like Jimmy Kimmell....just like Stephen Colbert.....just like Seth Meyers....Joy Behar....even Fallon has turned into an a-hole when it comes to far left douchebaggery. I can't believe I'm saying it...but I'm starting to respect Bill Maher. Yes, no one is even remotely close. That's what makes him special. End of an era.... If anything, I think each of the MM films have woven more and more story and character development into what originally was just a lot of road battles and chases. Most would probably agree, The Road Warrior is by far the best film of the franchise, and it wasn't much more than one huge car chase. And Mel only had 16 lines of dialogue in the entire film. But more story was built into Thunderdome, and more world-building. George Miller and the writers REALLY get very into the world-building and backstories of the characters, to excess. I read a book on the making of the 4 films (up to fury road), and each characer has a backstory and did weeks of workshops just learning who they are in the film and why...even if some of those characters have no dialogue at all. In Fury Road, there was quite a bit of story....(much more so than The Road Warrior), people need to decide if they just want another big car chase movie, or if they do indeed want more story, purpose, arc and world-building....because the latter is where George Miller has been going. I kinda liked the artsiness....(and I don't usually like pretentious, artsy films). But it worked for me here. They needed to create a somewhat alternate reality, which at times even felt like a dream-world. As a straight crime caper, the (anti) heros would have looked pretty ridiculous....running around in those little outfits, playing it straight and fighting crime. They needed the dark undertones, vulnerability and flaws. And your aptly-stated "operatic" tone makes their world a bit larger than life--and darker, with higher consequences. The layers and moodiness of these characters were a nice alternative to the snarky, one-dimensional superheros of Marvel. The Marvel movies are more enjoyable and fun....but Watchmen was a cool imersion into a different kind of world, almost like entering into a painting......or, a graphic novel.... You saw it? Where can it be viewed? Thanks for the info. Yes, GREAT song. Perfect for the movie. But I think I like the radio version better. I don't think the dated technology affects the quality or enjoyment of the film, but you can't help but notice it. And it is an interesting thing to discuss--how writers forecasted technology, and which things they were right about....wrong about....silly about....or just inconsistent about. Where can it be viewed? View all replies >