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This guy is always cool… 3 Creed movies...and no Carl Weathers flashback??? Ben got his ass handed to him… "Eye of the Tiger" Is it any good? Lethal Weapon 5 Beavis & Butthead sketch... Has that rotary gun ever been used in other movies? Did she lose her mojo like Jonah Hill and Rebel Wilson did....? Pretty satisfying finale… View all posts >


Well said. I think people are giving the theater owners no choice but to raise prices in order to stay in business. People would rather stay home like shut-ins….rather than have a shared, public, social experience. It’s cause and effect. If people would get off their gd sofas, get out of their pajamas and go to a restaurant and/or theater….it would at least slow down the rate of closures. Eventually, theaters will go the way of record stores. People are self-absorbed assholes. We bring this all on ourselves. She is not the draw. The the draw. To the poster who suggested using Josh Lucas as the current-day John Dutton.....that is THE solution. Great idea, and if KC chooses not to return, they should do that in a heartbeat. If George Miller put Max in every single movie in his franchise, it would basically become the same thing over and over, ala Rocky 5, Rocky 6, Rocky...... I think it's more interesting to learn more about the world Max lives in (with the promise that we will indeed see Max again). George Miller is world-building. He has a much larger story and universe in that brilliant head of his, and I like that he has the relative autonomy to flesh that out. how you grow and expand a franchise, and keep it fresh and interesting. Max is the backbone to it all....but it's not integral that he be omnipresent. If this movie flops, it will be because people are assholes. They revel in not going to the theaters anymore, saying they can stay home and stream it on the comfort of their own sofa, with their own bathroom and snacks. That's great, pin-dicks. Why don't we just find every POSSIBLE way to sit around on the sofa, never leave the house or doing anything in a public setting. What's next....virtual bowling--you can do it at home in your pajamas. This is why there is an entire generation of weak-ass db's.....with scrawny, ropey little arms, and zero global perspective or social skills. Going to a big movie's opening weekend used to be an event. An evening out. A shared experience in a public setting. Consider the difference between seeing Titanic, Avatar, or more recently...Maverick: Top Gun in a theater vs. sitting on a crusty sofa in your living room. In fact, Maveriack: Top Gun was a rare glimpse into what going to a filled moviehouse and having some shared excitement with others in a social setting was like. These days, that has become more and more rare. And we have no one but ourselves to blame. People themselves have singlehandedly murdered the record store experience, the bookstore experience, the mall experience....they're killing restaurants, and they're killing movie theaters. People are assholes.....and if you want a glimpse of human nature, just spend about 10 minutes driving around anywhere. [And to that douchebag in the pick-up truck, who feels all impatient and entitled...tailgating me....eff off]. I’m not sure there’s been an obsession at all. If anything, HC is under appreciated and gets undeserved criticism. For some odd reason, I find Emily Blunt much more attractive when she does an American accent, like she did in the Sicario movies. When a woman has a Brittish accent, it comes across to me as stuffy and pompous. Emily Blunt has nice eyes, great pouty lips....and a cool personality. If she would just talk all the time with an American accent, she'd be SMOKIN. The Beastmaster is looking TIRED. Get some rest, Dar. Get some rest. Maybe try the decaff. He's not even a very good actor. Typically just a one-note guy who plays the same kind of character over and over. People just equate him with good because he has been in some very good movies. This guy is a total dick. Just like Jimmy Kimmell....just like Stephen Colbert.....just like Seth Meyers....Joy Behar....even Fallon has turned into an a-hole when it comes to far left douchebaggery. I can't believe I'm saying it...but I'm starting to respect Bill Maher. Yes, no one is even remotely close. That's what makes him special. End of an era.... View all replies >