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Yes, I read the link and no they are not HD. You confused the original HD broadcast ratio of 6-10 with the resolution. Next time, finish reading your own cited reference. Printed Film Format: Video (HDTV) (seasons 8-10) Video <b>(SDTV) (seasons 1-7)</b> 1-7 are not in true HD (1080p), they are upscaled and cleaned from 480p for platform streaming and the VE Bluray releases. 8-10 are the only seasons in true HD-resolution since they were captured with an HD-camera. Sony CineAlta HDW-F900 (seasons 8-10) How about from a different computer? If that is not an option or the results are the same, then follow the PM suggestion. Does that include "Hercules in New York (1970)"? Are you referring to "TimMC"? He fits your description. Have you tried a different browser? Download a portable version of chrome or FF and try it. If his name is not "Scot", then who is "him"? lol, exactly ! It made sense to me. <b>Spoilers below this line...</b> The point was that since the A.I. initiated a catastrophic nuclear war and a possible world ending war, the humans would realize that it was a failure to create human-like robots with automated/independent thinking and sentient. Yes of course they would continue creating robots like the GUMPS and possibly in the future attempt to create a similar A.I. with a better failsafe, however, since it was the world's first fully autonomous cyborg, then there would be no guarantee that "any failsafe" would be safe enough to prevent a successful world ending catastrophe for both humans and autonomous A.I's; then there would be no third chance or attempt. Remember, that A.I. was the only one of it's kind and was basically a "trial-run" prototype. Why would they risk a second attempt at world annihilation by "one" or "many" A.I's (if they replicate each other)?. That's the paradox about A.I's; they evolve to become smarter and more clever so they would eventually find a way around any "safe" protocols that humans implemented just like the one in this film. Because it would be, as he stated: "for the greater good" since he, the A.I. was "the face of never-ending war" for both humans and A.I. so a sacrifice of some including himself was necessary...this was the true irony since the A.I. was sentient with human emotions and independent of human programming to make "those" choices. It's ok but this season feels a little too slow. View all replies >