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They didn't show it in the movie and the only way to know what happened would to be to remember or re-watch the series finale from 6 years ago. I watched the show, but as I said, it was 6 years ago. All the flashbacks they could have included this. I agree, I wasn't expecting much. I saw the first Child's Play when it first aired on HBO when I was a child. Maybe 8 or 9 years old when I saw it. The movie has nostalgia for me. But going back to watch it in years present I realize it's not the greatest of films and most of my love for it is nostalgia. The imagining was really well done. Much more believable that a killer doll is an evil AI rather than a doll possessing the soul of a human being. I liked the movie and I've been a Child's Play fan for 30 years. I owned a replica "Sideshow Collectible" doll that looked exactly like Chucky from the original series, not the lame doll that Spencers sold from the Bride of Chucky with all the scars and stitches on the face. The movies took a turn for the worse with the Bride Of Chucky, I'm glad they did a reboot and did it right. Most reboots tend to suck, like Total Recall and Robocop, but the new Child's Play is just as good if not better than the original. And this is coming from a 30 year fan of the original series of movies. Bride of Chucky is a comedy film, this film is 10x better than Bride of Chucky. A great re imagining. Much more believable that Chucky is an out of control AI than a doll possessed by a human soul. The best Chucky film since the first, possibly better than the first. The first film has nostalgia appeal, but when you compare the re-imagining and the original the original is more believable. Not like the first film was a freaking masterpiece. I think you're stuck in your nostalgia. And if you weren't you'd realize that Bride of Chucky is not a good movie at all. It was better than the original. Original wasn't scary or believable, this one is both, you're caught up in your nostalgia. No, not scariest, the scariest movie I ever saw was Cannibal Holocaust, this movie is good though, not scary to me maybe because I saw the original and sequels as a young child. I first watched Cannibal Holocaust as an adult and it really freaked me out. I owned an original Chucky Doll for nearly 10 years, I sold it a few months ago on ebay but have to say I wasn't let down by the design of the doll at all. The story is different from the original. Updated for modern times. The idea of an out of control AI is more believable than a weirdo conducting a voodoo seance to put his soul into a doll. I like this retelling or re-imagination of the original, I loved the look of the original doll. As I said I owned a Sideshow Collectibles doll for nearly 10 years. I'd still own it if I didn't come upon hard times and need to sell it. The Chucky doll doesn't look as good as he original in my view, but it's also not horrible and I think the movie was very good. Expected it to suck, but it didn't I really liked it, I wasn't expecting it to be good. Been let down by all the remakes of movies I loved as a child, but this one was actually very good if not better than the original. Definitely more believable. Good movie. View all replies >