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I found the few songs covered under EP 'The End' were better than those in 'Thirteen' especially, Isolated Man Cry All Night ^^These two are truly great, quite unknown and henceforth underrated songs with demonic riff works! Harlan knew Walt would be smoking downstairs and would be seeing Marta leaving the house. It would look very odd if Walt hears 'goodbye' much after Marta left. This does not also cover up the time frame required for Morphine to take action (10 minutes). It would still mean that Marta gave morphine injection, she leaves, Harlan shouts goodbye and he dies. Also, if Harlan wouldn't have orchestrated his Alibi by Marta, it would mean that Marta slit his throat. And slitting the throat was necessary to imply suicide. A smarter option would have been to play the Alibi by Marta as in the movie and then lie on the couch with a syringe in his hand and empty bottle of Morphine lying on the floor - implying suicide by Morphine overdose. This is because in the movie's original plan, Morphine would still be detected in the blood report raising some suspicion on Marta - This key fact was overlooked by Harlan which shouldn't be the case as he's an intelligent crime novelist and hence a minor flaw of the movie. Yeah! How is it pointless ? The movie takes lot of liberties by escaping logic of science and furthermore Nolan keeps feeding his self-proclaimed rules to fit the story. Its a breathtaking movie but one can't ignore the glaring plot holes. Yeah...agree. Agree with you, it was a self-indulgent crap with no substance. Agree with you. It was far from deserving best picture; worth only for Best Foreign Film. Infact, 'Life is Beautiful' was much more deserving foreign film to win best picture & which sadly got defeated by 'Shakespeare in Love'. It had good cinematography, direction, acting and very good production design. But the film didn't have any level of greatness or any extra-ordinary aspect, rather it was a one-time watch mix of contemporary story lines. Its laughable to see some people hailing it as a great movie going 'Whoa!....its a movie about class and poor stuff.....Wow!' as if movies about rich & poor were never made. The first half is a typical con-men movie about a con-family invading (infecting a host as Parasite, subtle symbolism check) a rich family. Influences from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels & The Heartbreakers are evident. The sudden twist of a new character hiding in basement/bunker is a straight away influence from the Spanish movie 'The Hidden Face' & the Hollywood movie 'Don't Breathe'. Second half is a self-indulgent psychological horror where it falls into character inconsistencies. A group of smart people capable to think & scheme a contrived plan to employ themselves in a rich family gets suddenly emotional and takes poor decisions. Suddenly falling in love with a rock, entering the basement of enemies all alone, asking a personal question once again after being warned once etc. Infact a smart person like Kim Ki Taek who knows how to plan, lie & motivate people is a type of person who have seen the world and also knows his boundary in master-servant relationship. This person should have easily understood that Park doesn't like to chat personal stuffs and now if he wants to continue to reap the benefits, he has to stay mum & maintain decorum. But no, he farts again! I mean, he should even know that a simple deodorant could have solved his odour problem. Had his character been the weakest of Kim family i.e. timid, emotional & not smart enough like rest of the members, his actions would have made sense. The sheer hatred, antagonism, animosity to kill Mr. Park wasn't established or rather justified. The movie ended up as a self-indulgent drama. I know some simpletons here will grasp at straws to find relevance & symbolisms by saying 'I didn't see any problem to relate the happens to poor people....blahblahblah' But the fact is that the script was a bit poor which brings the point that even the 'Best Screenplay' was undeserving. Otherwise a very good movie from a great director (Memories of Murder, The Host, The Mother) Overall...6.5/10. Yeah! I would say Johnson. Princess Leia surviving the vacuum of space and then flying back to the ship was the single most embarrassing moment in the history of cinema. I mean, the guy have no sense in science. Yeah yeah, I know you or some guy will show up and say that the movie is science-<i>fiction</i> and one need to suspend disbelief.…no....; its not an outright fairy tale fantasy like Cinderella. Even Lucas tried to science-tify the Force aspect by getting Midochlorian thing. Johnsons kept weaving his own magical rules and brought up Telekinetic chatting & Telekinetic Projection with people doing it lightyears apart. He got Rose, the WTF kiss at the end, the purpose-less adventure to the casino planet, absolutely empty drama between Luke & Rey etc. Ruin Johnson all the way! <blockquote> Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was far more self-indulgent than 1917. A good 45 minutes could have been cut from that masturbatory movie and the story would have been much better because of it. </blockquote> Absolutely agree with you View all replies >