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At points he doesn't sound dubbed... Seriously stacked in season 2 of Lost in Space If he was alive today... View all posts >


I think she talks that way because she keeps putting her foot in her fucking mouth: The correct term is "case in point". Those beautiful hand drawn lightning effects are a joy to behold. They don't have to look photo-real to be enjoyed for their artistic merit. This is one of my definitive favourites too. This is just some bit-parter throwing out a half-baked personal opinion in an entirely unrelated forum. She has nothing to do with the production of this show and every shithead 'journalist' who's trying to trump up this non-story in order to drive clicks should reconsider their careers. No one should be gullible enough to be manipulated into assuming a position of outrage over this clickbait bullshit. Anal or facefucking, or both. "Does it look like we need the money?" I love him as Al Melvin in the 2004 Manchurian Candidate. He's not got much screen time but he's both disturbing and heartbreaking in the short few scenes he has. He's also electrifying and truly scary as Peoples in the first Sam Jackson Shaft movie. Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) Warriors (1979) Escape from New York (1981) Wolfen (1981) After Hours (1985) Into the Night (1985) Highlander (1986) Running Scared (1986) Near Dark (1987) Blue Steel (1990) *makes* Have, not 'of'. Should *have* changed. View all replies >