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Why does it say score 7.3/10 on this page, but the movie hasn't been released yet? Waingro escaping Putting balaclavas in the bank "Out of the way! Out of the way!" Why doesn't the sandworm attack Paul? They don't even make a big deal about who's going to step out on Mars' surface first Did anybody else think that the guy in the poster has a COVID mask? Apparently Uber-Morlocks passed on British English, while the Eloi passed on American English Burn this witch From which horror movie is this? View all posts >


No, we heard her. On the audio. Teenage Music International - Please Please Please In my version after the Wittlich caption Meins is shown in bed, then after Cologne Raspe is shown and so on. So I don't know what's wrong with your version. In one scene at the beginning there's a Coke on the table. I think the movie makers intentionally did it to subtly show this discrepancy. There were multiple expositions in the movie through TV and radio news and you still couldn't figure out what was going on? LOL. Because the DDR would like the most if they destabilized West Germany. 1204 01:28:11,990 --> 01:28:17,950 In the war, we just lost a lot of friends, but you're kind of set for it. 1205 01:28:18,120 --> 01:28:20,250 You're geared to it. I think it's because he's white. I can't find any other reasonable explanation. HAL is at most pseudorandom bullshit. View all replies >