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He would have walked through the door -which was what he did- and that would be that. He would Certainly be handled much differently and no service commitment which would have put heavy concentration into his earliest years. He still has the best Christmas album and single "Ill be home." Nobody else close with the possible exception of Crosby who made "Im dreaming" at the start of WW2 for a generational hit. She made it pretty clear that she didn't have an open mind on his long-term FB future. It was going to be her-way or the Hgwy. He probably wanted out. So do I think he's stunned at this 'change.' NO. The original had some things going for it that disguised a nonsense script. I'm not interested enough to see that repeated. Also the original was pre-AIDS making it look pretty crazy with that hindsight. Jimmy lost his mother and brother at about the same time. He was hit hard by both. He's never been the same. He was very into his immediate family. They are gone, he is bitter. I've had never seen the series. Now that I've viewed a block, I think I have the hang of watching it. I would say that <b>the endings run about 80-90 % counterintuitive.</b> So whatever the logical last minute should be ...well it isn't going to turn out that way. For example this morning's Ep with Chas Bronson and the exquisite Lola Albright had Lola putting a round into Charles with his own gun. Which was ok except how calm she was thoughout the story it was kind of unfair. But that's the way it goes so that's what I expect now. The Ep's can be quite mean as well. "dont suit her. " ---------------- She's in the news. The NBA is an open relationship league. It cost her HC friend -Celtics- his job (I don't know if she's married to him). In any case she has some stuff going on. The Royals --in the 21st century are about show biz. So much of UK is tourism. They don't have natural resources and industry. They do have a history, finance center and diplomacy. All of which is aided by the tradition of the monarchy. That's it. It's like a long-running play that's comfortable to those who like it and an annoyance to those who do not. Elizabeth was liked and admired. I seriously doubt whether any of the other royals are. Even if some are sincere. My guess would be the royals will be greatly diminished in 25 years or less. Done. It's like saying do you think the Uni-bomber was a PhD student at U.Michigan? Mentally ill can sometimes get through early adulthood and accomplish things, before going off the deep end. You then ask well why didn't anyone notice, why didn't he get help? It happens. Lee harvey Oswald had mental problems but he was a Marine radar tech stationed in Japan as a 20yo. Can't believe she scored a network show. ABC execs must have been drunk... I didn't like any of the characters ...other than Gabe/Kotter. The Washington kid constantly mispronouncing Kotter ( Car-ti-ier) just became too annoying after the first 20 times. The Travolta character was dumb. Really stupid. It shouldn't be surprising he got out as soon as he could. View all replies >