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Her part was my favorite in the movie, next to the fucking nuts ending. Only thing I enjoyed about this movie was Zarabeth. "...these are the same people that watch professional wrestling" Looooool, I agree with your other posts as lol... I don't get it either.. I'm late AF, but I believe they just named her Chris from her full name Christina, as a nod since she's playing Tina's role. Yvonne living and helping to save the day. I'm always get surprised when they let a more normal character and friend character make fairly decent decisions and get to live in a film like this. Both beginning and end wasn't great, imo...The bathroom scene was intense though. I didn't really enjoy the 2018 one, and knowing that there's already another film coming after this one, I just don't really care as much as I wanted to. /s And the fact that she knew he'd find her in the woods with the help of the cops and a gps. Yes, as AP has stated. As far as I have experienced, they were at the same Elementary school campus (Pre-K through 5th grade). Age / Grade 4 / Pre-K (Pre Kindergarden) 5 / Kindergarden 6 / 1st Grade 7 / 2nd Grade . . . 17 / 12th grade Could be an accidental fan loool Wait... I thought Corey Feldman was in Friday the 13th part 4...? Being dressed like a creepy stalker and playing the part of one on Halloween could. You are my spirit. What do you mean by mean spirited? The awkward gait deal probably has to do with him being underage and publicly intoxicated while also trying to get away from the police, but I get what you mean. Agreed. :] Did Aaron die? I missed an opportunity not agreeing with this sooner.