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Never mind, I saw the damn movie. Yeah, I called it. Disney's been doing this with all their animated sequels lately. I just can't believe it's not a coincidence... Bump How do you mean? I don't know anything about them, other than they happen to share my opinion on this movie? So they're "whining" because they disagree with you? No offense meant, but if that is your mindset, that really sounds immature and childish on your part. Don't worry about them. They and one other user (who was even ruder) accused me of "whining" too. Lots of people feel the same about Bonnie's neglect of Woody and the ending. Well, I dunno why he didn't come to this realization at the end of the last movie when Andy was moving on before he let himself be donated. This whole movie was just unnecessary. And excuse me if my opinions run contrary to yours and that asshat I put on ignore. I'm curious, why didn't you like the third one? Troll harder if you want to hurt my feelings, ROTFLMFAO. Lots of people feel the same way. Btw, you strike me as the kind of person who thinks they're too cool or mature for this movie, so I dunno what you're even doing here. Ignored. :D Yeah, yeah, but fuck, you got to understand, when you grow up with these characters, it just pisses me off. It's just a slap in the face to the ending of the last movie, which was to many both heartbreaking and perfect. It's like, what was the fucking point? Damn, the numbers just keep dropping. I thought this would do way better than Incredibles 2. Then again, that shitty ending... View all replies >