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So, what's she pissed at Ben Savage for then? He never made the disgusting comment. Dude, chill. So, now the subject of MOVING is traumatic and too dark and disturbing for kids?? Uh, you know it was a central plot point in Toy Story too, right? But moving is too scary a topic for kids, are you freaking kidding me?? My gosh... As for the rest, I really feel you're just reaching for reasons not to like this film. Get a life, snowflake. Bump. You sound like a filthy pedo apologist. Are you a pedo yourself? Klaus was robbed. The stupid technicality was such fcking BS. They so screwed him over. I thought it was hilarious, him screaming "Bloody 'ell!" every two minutes. I'm just glad they had the little woman know her place, and not make her interested or knowledgeable about the industry like the men in her family. It's a man's sport, and I'm glad they didn't cave into any SJW bs. Well, it's a Netflix exclusive, but the new animated Christmas film "Klaus". View all replies >