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She was great as Aunt Beru in the Star Wars Prequels Did the Rancor follow Luke from the I think a lot of the movie is archetypal Does anyone else think Joe Machi from Do you think Ben had a bad experience What do Democrats think about Planned Parenthood’s In a few years there will be a lot of Trump Do you think we should pay reparations I think we should take money out of Social security Who is worse? Fauci versus Hitler? View all posts >


The numbers will go down because of the overturn of Roe. I like the Diablo too. He ran over a regular television with his Porsche 928 by accident and the flat screen television was the result. Funny. I do not watch the newer SNLs but his skits when he was on the show are usually funny. I really like the opening scene until the explosion. Also, all the scenes in the cloner world. I agree with TC. Also, I am trying to learn Japanese and I am fascinated with Japanese video games but I think America has better voice acting than Japan. Like take each side in Dragon Ball. This from a person who almost always likes Japanese video game boxart more than the American version. There’s a lot I like about Japanese things but voice acting I prefer English by a lot. No. It already happened. We overturned Roe with two of his Supreme Court appointees. When Kimmel was interviewing the Arabian activist I could hear Trump’s voice in my head saying ‘Disaster’. Sounds like you got this from Hitler defending the Holocaust. They followed this with a commercial for Warner Bros. View all replies >