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Do you believe in supernatural Karma? We were told crime doesn’t pay... If Trump handled Covid so badly why is most of the world using USA vaccines!? I think this remote learning has been going great. I think it is time USA instituted one total What do you think of the new migrant caravan headed for USA? Where were the strict twitter false news guidelines when the democrat debates were Help! Women are too emotional to be effective Jedi. Did anyone think Vice Admiral Holdo had...(spoilers) What do you think of Virginia’s Governor’s Northam support of infanticide? View all posts >


I think that sex change operations are like tattoos and you should able to think they look bad if you want to just like people do not hire tattooed people because they dislike tattoos. Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan. I would not recommend it. I am more than halfway done with the original Star Wars that is my current reading. Norway. The cities and women are beautiful. Why the hate? Some roads are really high up and they drop off at the end of the side of the road. Most scared I have been in my life. Maybe. No. You go girl! Escape from Sobibor Phantom Menace I saw Holmes and Watson on television but people were saying it was the worst movie of the year. It was ok and I do not understand the hate. What about when Schumer threatened the Supreme Court or the liberals were supporting the BLM riots? View all replies >