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I don't know why either! I thought that was one of the benefits of the gay lifestyle, not to be tied down with kids. But a lot of them want to be exactly the same as hetros: get married, have kids, move to the suburbs. Back in my day, being gay was about having as many sexual partners as you could, living in the city, and dying of AIDS! the acting was overall pretty good; its just Cruise I can't stand anymore. Terrible acting. Shows how much you know. Elvis never drank alcohol. So much for being an ALCO! dumbass. And yes, he liked younger girs, so sue him! And he treated Priscilla so well that she's still obsessed with him decades later and devotes her life to his legacy. AHOLE! The ancient world was full of pedos; boys and men; you'd love it! Sleepless in Seattle has Bill Puhlman as Walter, which was good; but Rosie O'Donnel is AWFUL. Hank's son Jonah is cute and a great addition. But You've Got Mail is better; not only because Meg Ryan isn't a crazed stalker, but because its set in the UPPER WEST SIDE, which I love! Western Civilization is a Christian civilization; our laws, customs and holidays are based around it. Don't like it? Move to IRAN! No, because that is Holy; do not confuse what is Holy with what is UnHoly; with what is Sacred with what is an Abomination View all replies >