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She looks really hot in her profile pic Like his movies, but a huge gripe That cheeseburger looked really good 3 months later and I'm still pissed off at this steaming pile Haven't seen a second of this, but I assume they likely made her either gay or bi?? We got a Top Gun sequel. It's time for a Cocktail sequel. Was the bazooka rocket explosion scene location the same location in Speed? A little torn The most overrated "hot girl" possibly in history Finally saw the trailer yesterday View all posts >


I appreciate that clarification. Being gay must have made him a much better FBI agent as well. I didn't realize that could happen. Certainly nothing wrong with the way it was prepared in the movie, so I agree with you there. It's really hard to beat a damn good burger. Better than a steak sometimes. Pickles are love/hate with people it seems. I didn't particulary care for them for the longest time but definitely like them now on a good burger. Taste buds change after a while from what I've read. Those crinkle fries looked pretty legit too. I think I'm just hungry now. A sitophiliac. That's rare. Yeah, I didn't even know this thing even existed until I was scrolling through HBO Max last week and saw it on there. But go ahead and speak for me like you know what you're talking about so that, you too, can sound "smart" since that was apparently my intention, according to you. Fair point The absolute hottest woman ever. Orlando Bloom better thank his damn lucky stars every day. I agree with that. We just judge our celebrities much more harshly and differently than those we meet in person I suppose. Don't get me wrong, she's smoking hot, like REALLY hot, just something really off with those eyes. The rest of her definitely makes up for it. Her body is absolutely amazing. Absolutely A plus. Her dead eyes definitely bug me though. She's got that Billy Eilish issue where it looks like they are completely stoned on downers of some kind. No offense to anyone, I swear I'm not trying to be shocking/offensive/funny, but they almost look borderline Down Syndrome-ish. There are a few scenes where I actually couldn't understand what he was even saying. I liked the movie a lot though but it was definitely tricky in parts. View all replies >