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Well, I guess we don't watch the same sorts of films then as I have seen many Hollywood films that do not rely on 'stunts' and where the actors do display talent . Apart from that , I don't in any case believe that judging an actor on her body is acceptable or valid so let's stop talking to each other about it ,hey? I don't really know what you mean by her body being "weird" but no need to tell me. I really, really hope boards are not going to get into the body shaming and misogyny which marred the otherwise inestimable imDb boards of late memory. Can we please judge actors - of any sex - according to their talents, not some supposed fault of their body or face not meeting Hollywood plastic standards. I do agree, very good. Just to be picky though , its an English accent , British takes in Scottish, Welsh, N Irish. Really ? Glad I don't live there. The move was very restrained I thought, and my audience of Australian straight (probably) , middle aged persons were completed unbothered by it . Not wishing to derail the thread, but I think you misunderstand the term 'general'. What you have posted is of extremely limited interest and best posted on your family Facebook page or whatever. Yes, exactly. Well, good, but not sure how you think this advances a discussion of the movie …. Oh thank you for this , knowing nothing about Mah Jong, the nuances completely passed me by. Oh good, I was beginning to think I'd made it up ! Pitt's Earlye Grace was more frightening I thought , and had some nasty little personal habits too, IRRC . The open shirted swagger is a bit reminiscent of Pitt's bad boy character - I forget the name - who initiated Thelma into orgasmic country in Thelma and Louise too, come to think of it ( no pun intended) Not rambling at all! You know , I don't think she did it out of selfless all-consuming love , even in the beginning when she certainly did love and even revere him. She knew very early on he had 'feet of clay'. She was, in those early days very unsure of herself though, and was convinced by the Elizabeth McGovern character ( sorry I forget the name ) that it was going to be an uphill, hopeless struggle to get published at all, no matter how good she was. The vicarious fame and fortune became a sort of daily reality , and yes I agree he actually pretty much convinced himself that it was really him who was the great author , and she was merely his private editor. The Helsinki prize affair was as you say , the final straw and she knew she could no longer go on with the charade particularly after his doing the elaborate thank you she had begged him not to do . Which he did, of course, not because he really wanted to honour her but because people would think badly of him if he didn't do it . In the book she has decided to leave him before even getting to Helsinki. View all replies >