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I appreciate that instead of giving us a family friendly kiddie cartoon they gave us the real illuminati meaning of the Mario Games Oh so now it was only a small minority of unknown rouge journalists screaming Collusion? Pack it in fellas we won this round. Time to start investigating the actual Collusion in the Democratic Party. It's time to start investigating Democrat Collusion in our elections which the list of offenses are as long as a night sky and as transparent as the moon. Well i mean conceited online grammar nazis were definitely the target demographic for this pretending to be pretentious movie. Didn't you copy and paste this from another post? I'm sure Thrillhouse spends his time worrying about the merits of Hulk Hogan movies vs. The Rock movies. Truth be told i commented on the calling out of Thrillhouse because it reminded me how i'm one of the best Jason's on Friday the 13th ps4 and i always have big groups of the weak always trying to tear me down and that post looked oddly familar Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke Em High Star worms 2 attack of the pleasure pods and Alien Blood Don't worry Thrillhouse they only want you because they like to tear down the strong Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have anybody that is very inspiring. I mean if not Trump who were Republicans gonna vote for? Jeb Bush out there like "My wife says we need to open the boarders"? Democrats really only have Hillary and the half of her base with a brain knows she's one of the biggest crooks in Washington. Joe Biden is their only other real possibility but the party has become so Anti-White Male it don't seem like it can be done. Yeah and it's also the only peoples opinion Hollywood is worried about SJW opinions. I highly doubt you see a True Lies release until this PC Police World goes away but hey maybe i'm wrong i never thought Donald Trump would beat Hillary but here we are. Well i mean he is but he still his platform is the one we want whether he is disingenorous or not Everybody knows your modern movies are trash. Trump said alot of things but Ultimately his rant on Ghostbusters 2016 was what got him elected Politics itself is not too different from Pro Wrestling. Trump has always been a pro wrestling fan and understands how wrestling works and how to get the people behind you as a Heel or Bad Guy and his wrestling knowledge of how to control people's minds to win over a crowd with heel tactics took him all the way to the White House beating a Clinton along the way which is absolutely incredible. Or how about the late 80's tag team "The Twin Towers" who were represented by the Big Boss Man who represents the Police State and Akeem who represents the Muslim brotherhood that ultimately led to the storyline of "The Mega Powers Explode"? I know all this is way over your head and thats why you spend your time watching movies like well Captain Marvel while i spend my time studying and pieceing together the media's predictive programming Hollywood Hogan when he was the leader of the New World Order had a bitter conflict with his nephew Horace the same way the Egyptian God of War Set had a conflict with his nephew Horus of the eye of Horus for control over the Kingdom and there are many other examples of hidden meanings like this in Wrestling History, You just don't have the smarts to decipher any of it if it was right in your face. I mean really think about that Hulk Hogan the blonde haired man superior to most men representative of the Aryan race becomes the leader of the New World order and has a conflict with his nephew "Horace" in a storyline that parraells The Egyptian God of War Set's conflict with his nephew "Horus" over control of the Kingdom. It's all very illuminati and Pro Wrestling is their space to play all this out under a guise of theatrics which throws off little pions like you. The strip scene reference was a joke because someone asked me "How is True Lies better than every movie released since the year 2000?" I'm sure Captain Marvel would have been a decent film if it was released in the 90's instead of spitting vicious spew at the 90's and how exactly is Captain Marvel not a sexualized role? It's a hot chick running around in a skin tight outfit in a movie for Virgin Comic Fans. I don't have a problem with women in lead roles, i'm not gonna watch it just like i haven't watch any other movies that came out since the 40 year old virgin/Harold and Kumar days but i don't have a problem with it but any feminist dribble that forces its way into movies for 90's nerds just to attack 90's nerds will get my wrath Read the damn article!!! i can't make it clickable so if you must just google "Captain Marvel True Lies" and you will see the SJW's don't want you to watch True Lies because its racist and sexist and John Cameron's ashamed of it so you can imagine what a pile of SJW excrement that Terminator:Dark Fate will be. And the True Lies scene in Captain Marvel pretty much all but assures they are gonna scrub True Lies from the History Books because Arnold spyed on his wife and has unlikable muslim villians both of which are very naughty and we need Captain Save-a-hoe ermm i mean Captain Marvel to save us. People saying mining isn't a job of the future but just wait until we get to Mars