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Only got one laugh out of the Pandemic Special Does anybody remember this It's like Seinfeld but for scumbags 25 dollar buy in for 10k Prize The lesser of two evils Who's more awesome Tom Brady or Donald Trump? It just doesn't make sense The absolute worse movie ever produced ever Captain Marvel sealed this movie's "Dark Fate" Illuminati Trash All i know is Roman Reigns better look sickly in this movie Remember when we used to get good movies like True Lies I guess Trump isn't worth impeaching now Gained my respect back for him Uwe Boll says Harley Quinn is not a real Batman character Suburban Commando and Mr. Nanny Discontinued because White People thought it was funny I haven't watched a new superhero movie since X-men 3 Take the Fall, Act Hurt, Get Indignant No wonder Jussie had to fake a hate crime to get attention