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Only got one laugh out of the Pandemic Special Does anybody remember this It's like Seinfeld but for scumbags 25 dollar buy in for 10k Prize The lesser of two evils Who's more awesome Tom Brady or Donald Trump? It just doesn't make sense The absolute worse movie ever produced ever Captain Marvel sealed this movie's "Dark Fate" Illuminati Trash View all posts >


Biden=Words Trump=Action He had to wait until the kids were teenagers because the MPAA wont let him kill children Bust his cracker ass Uncle Phil Trump was winning Michigan all night until everybody went to bed when nearly 150,000 votes came in 100% for Biden which is literally impossible but thats just all conspiracy theory right? Fast Foward to 2020 and im sure Just_the_facts here is celebrating the burning down of cities and calling the Proud Boys a White Supremacy group for taking a stand. Dereks Dad lived in the real world and Sweeny lived behind his desk only knowing what looks good on paper but doesn't work out in real life. Yes they have you moron Being near Detroit i know alot of white girls who bang black guys and post facebook stories of themselves smoking blunts and listening to rap music so maybe the 1930's were more enlightened on marijuana than you Millienial Tards who think you know everything. It has the best imagery in the series that goes unappreciated by the mindless masses It's almost as good as Freddy's Dead View all replies >