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The lesser of two evils Who's more awesome Tom Brady or Donald Trump? It just doesn't make sense The absolute worse movie ever produced ever Captain Marvel sealed this movie's "Dark Fate" Illuminati Trash All i know is Roman Reigns better look sickly in this movie Remember when we used to get good movies like True Lies I guess Trump isn't worth impeaching now Gained my respect back for him View all posts >


Did you see the epic Donald Trump vs Michael Moore Showdown today New Years Eve 2020? The Bible stresses to spread the Word of God with Love while other religions stress to behead the infidels so consider yourself lucky to be amongst the snooty Christians Ok Boomer God made it all happen because Kevin needed to go back to the trenches and stop Marv and Harry for good Beetlejuice is good with the only problem being you have to do some serious Insect Farming in the first level if you hope to make it far, Terminator 2 is fun if you actually make it past the Semi Truck level and go on a decent run, Roger Rabbit is just an all around great game, Back to the Future is below average but Back to the Future part 2 and 3 is one of the most fulfilling video games to play if you figure out what you are doing, Never played Terminator 1 so dont have an opinion The yankee film buff just has to ruin the party I appreciate that instead of giving us a family friendly kiddie cartoon they gave us the real illuminati meaning of the Mario Games Oh so now it was only a small minority of unknown rouge journalists screaming Collusion? Pack it in fellas we won this round. Time to start investigating the actual Collusion in the Democratic Party. It's time to start investigating Democrat Collusion in our elections which the list of offenses are as long as a night sky and as transparent as the moon. Well i mean conceited online grammar nazis were definitely the target demographic for this pretending to be pretentious movie. View all replies >