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I am NOT gay! What should be the punishment for child molesters/rapists? What did you do for Valentine's? Can a new hire be fired for not meshing well with coworkers? I hurt. Favorite porn stars? Remedies for double chin? View all posts >


Well, he is half-Asian after all. I rape my couch. Depends where in the country you live too. 100K can go a long way in a rural or small city. But what if the new hire is "different" from the rest of the co-workers (i.e. introvert, race/gender, politics, religion)? The other staff members can gang up on the new hire to try to get him/her fired. Obviously, they can't say it out loud "We don't like that he's introverted, etc", because that can get them into trouble. But they will look for ways to get him/her fired. Or the boss may start to become overly critical of the new hire's work. I bet this happens all the time in real life to try to pressure the new hire to leave or get fired. I lol'd at this. Unless liposuction. But like he said, I may look disproportionate. I suppose. Also, it feels like "cheating". Gotta hit the gym! Perhaps I should consider liposuction. Is it possible to just focus the chin (aka spot reduce) rather than lose overall weight??? View all replies >