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Just today he was in talks about a new Childs Play film. Nothing is committed, it was just a sit-down with Seth Grahame-Smith. Good news for producers are that his fees have dropped to next to nothing. They touched on the Beetlejuice 2 film as well, with KS as Beetlejuice. You are taking food out of Israelis mouths with that statement Get a grip goyim. Shalom. Israel is world friends, get a grip! When was the last time you donated? Rambo grew up in Bowie Arizona on the border to Mexico ! Namedropping is indeed a sign this can't stand on its own merits. This is a cash grad and not a artistically innovative feature. The new terminator design lacked the punch most was waiting for. Extremely weak. The 2 x main story lines was very uninteresting. Somewhat underdeveloped and poorly told. The sub plots: The Daughter, The Retirement, The butcher of Haiti, The Dog, Running for Mayor, The body parts was just tossed in there to beef up the "long told" season 5. I love Bosch but this was the weakest yet. Yes you are right, however the arrangement is done in such a way that it does not fall in conflict with state prostitution laws. i.e is more like gifting a close friend than picking up a street walker. Not all woman in the agencies he uses will serve him but many do as the gifts are good. Apparently he is a very nice guy. Down to earth I have been told. Its however speculated that hes wearing a toupee. Back in 2005 "Doom" starring the Rock was a complete failure. Followed by Land of the Dead. Two huge duds for Universal rendering Warner to stop preproduction of AotD as the was "the living dead" was no longer in vogue. Army was on everybody lips until it just died out. Glad its getting a turnaround with NF. I read the original script back in 2005/2006. It was good. It seams like they did not change it much Vegas / Haist / Zombies / Soldiers. With $70 mill this will rock. Its a known fact that Charlie still have many female ( escort ) friends, he still hosts parties but apparently he does not drink. He still pay for sex I have been told. Not pay directly but offer gifts and cash for sex. I hardly think he is offered no condom penetration. This is explosive sequels. The explosion just happened in my pants. R2 with Pierce Brosnan is some creative casting. Basically unheard to this date. I will try to reach out to Michael Bay on Instagram and pitch this idea before N Case reads this and beats me too it. Bozo you will be credited as "Special Thanks" in the credits. Con Air II & III will be short back to back with part III set in space. John Cusack is set to return being reunited with Nicolas Cage for the first time since The Frozen Ground (2013) Con Air II will also feature the chocolate stealing terrorist from Die Hard, Al Leong & Argyle, the talented De'voreaux White. A nod to the actioneers of the late 80s & early 90s! Face/Off: Reloaded. Plot / early draft : Sean Archer is on vacation in Bulgaria with wife and children unaware that Castor Troy, having just woke up from a coma tracks Archer there and kidnaps his daughter & adoptive son as payback for Pollux Troy. Its a race against time to put Troy down for good. This rope-a-dope was pulled back in 1992 with the crime - mystery drama "Back to the Streets of San Francisco" (1992) It was the much anticipated followup to The Streets of San Francisco starring Michael Douglas from Basic Instinct fame. Back to the Streets of San Francisco (1992) revolves around a missing Michael Douglas. Michael Douglas himself was only featured in a framed production still, hand on hips, gazing over the Bay Area, situated on Karl Malden desk next to coffee mug and cigarette. It was very quid pro quo and the writing was a cutting edge technique to have a Michael Douglas feature without him in it. The force is strong with this one!! Yes, but Israel first! Its sad how the low awareness there is regarding this issue. The Zionist do a great job controlling the key players. Dont you like the Jews? Probably, just hit a news stand close to you. I enjoyed the Rolling Stones exposé as much as I liked the film. Variety had a sit-down with the director. A sequel is planned even before its wide release. John Luessenhop is penning the script this very weekend. "Speed Kills 2 - Turbo" takes Ben Aronoff to Bulgaria in search of his kidnapped daughter. John Luessenhop has been toying with the idea of making this a trilogy. He likes "Speed Kills Again" as the title for the final chapter. Yes, he has lost all his forehead hair. Looks terrible. He has the highest forehead I have ever seen... I was him in person October 2018. Race mixing is only good for the goyim & gentiles! Protect Israel at all costs.