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We all just want Israel to be safe. We need to accept that Israeli companies make a profit. The reason TDF is failing is because its a weak film. Its third act was a complete joke. Cut`n dry. Too busy working on Penny Dreadful Los Angeles!! Nobody likes custom guys! Extremely weak, compared to the Joker 2019! He is not homosexual but he used to have sex with ladyboys unprotected, man on man anal sex! This is the way he attracted HIV. I agree! Funny, I agree that Maleficent looks / looked very strange. Top score but everybody hated it. Not talking about the reviews, they are all 1-5 stars. Im talking about the rating at 6,6. The Predator was PURE junk! Yes, its a great flick! Very mixed feedback. I have see it, no nudity ! Jew York His best work!! He did a superb job in this. The budget swelled because Matt Damon, Paul Greengrass, and the studio were unhappy with the original tame ending. The last third of the movie had to be reshot, which was complicated by the fact that Damon had already left to shoot The Informant! (2009) and the shoots had to be restaged months later to accommodate his schedule. Not only, he likes girls & LBs. He prefer large silicone breasts. I agree, the last 3 x Terminators felt generic. Films that will not stand the test of time like T1 & T2. Terminator: Dark Fate is a better film than the previous 3, its popcorn, its fun but this time next year nobody will be talking about this film unfortunately. Subjectively, Gabriel Luna was miscast. A tad young but she looks nice : I liked it as a popcorn flick. Its a tad similar to the latest T films but better. Its not a Cameron film, its less than that. Anyone else here from the Orange County screening ?