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Stealing work from Jewish directors!! 9/11 an inside job by Israel! Mercedes Pulled Out... He's a great President and an amazing American Keanu Reeves best film to date!! Pedo [email protected]! Travoltas best to date! Anti-semitic like crazy! RIP We need to donate to celebrities !! View all posts >


Dont you like the Jews? Probably, just hit a news stand close to you. I enjoyed the Rolling Stones exposé as much as I liked the film. Variety had a sit-down with the director. A sequel is planned even before its wide release. John Luessenhop is penning the script this very weekend. "Speed Kills 2 - Turbo" takes Ben Aronoff to Bulgaria in search of his kidnapped daughter. John Luessenhop has been toying with the idea of making this a trilogy. He likes "Speed Kills Again" as the title for the final chapter. Yes, he has lost all his forehead hair. Looks terrible. He has the highest forehead I have ever seen... I was him in person October 2018. Race mixing is only good for the goyim & gentiles! Protect Israel at all costs. No Israeli woman are only for Jewish men! What is a DVD? Anyway a 5.7 rating for this film is an insult!! Actor Tom Burke aka Billy rapes a transexual after assaulting the bar owner and attacking a crowd of hookers. This is what's tips him over and he murders a young girl after he's unable to "preform" This sequence is said to be reinserted in the directors cut. However I cant find any release date for this version. Director Nicolas Winding Refn has screened this cut at private parties and events. Also its has a different ending. A very sad Ryan Gosling sitting in a wheelchair, no arms, being spoon fed by a Thai woman. No View all replies >