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I just saw a cut of this, ask me anything. Israel Would you give your life for a Greater Israel? We need to invade Iran now!! Very little kosher ! Do you feel he is doing enough for Israel? Stallone looks so young on the poster! John Travolta`s Best Film To Date! View all posts >


I felt John Rambo was more violent than R5. I like R4 more than R5. However its a cool movie it just lacks something, its missing more punch. Many of the best sequences are actually in the latest trailer. No need to rewatch older films. This is a standalone film in many ways. The violence is hard core in the third act but nothing new. The third act in 4 is more "shocking" imho. Bruce Dern - not a huge fan Scoot McNairy - was good Clifton Collins Jr. - as a sidekick Rumer Willis - I never spotted her... Lew Temple - hard to spot Maurice Compte - gangster Just today he was in talks about a new Childs Play film. Nothing is committed, it was just a sit-down with Seth Grahame-Smith. Good news for producers are that his fees have dropped to next to nothing. They touched on the Beetlejuice 2 film as well, with KS as Beetlejuice. You are taking food out of Israelis mouths with that statement Get a grip goyim. Shalom. Israel is world friends, get a grip! When was the last time you donated? Rambo grew up in Bowie Arizona on the border to Mexico ! Namedropping is indeed a sign this can't stand on its own merits. This is a cash grad and not a artistically innovative feature. The new terminator design lacked the punch most was waiting for. Extremely weak. The 2 x main story lines was very uninteresting. Somewhat underdeveloped and poorly told. The sub plots: The Daughter, The Retirement, The butcher of Haiti, The Dog, Running for Mayor, The body parts was just tossed in there to beef up the "long told" season 5. I love Bosch but this was the weakest yet. Yes you are right, however the arrangement is done in such a way that it does not fall in conflict with state prostitution laws. i.e is more like gifting a close friend than picking up a street walker. Not all woman in the agencies he uses will serve him but many do as the gifts are good. Apparently he is a very nice guy. Down to earth I have been told. Its however speculated that hes wearing a toupee. View all replies >