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Killer baboons from Norwayland! Robert de Niro was good in it! Don Johnson Whats with all the strange filming locations ? Airplane & underwater sequence ! Fake Rating on iMDB? Wow only $ 70 Mill budget ! $20.000.000 per film? View all posts >


LOL You have too much time on you hands! Ok He may be working in a script, he probably is, but he has yet to file it. I.e the ideas might be scribbled on a pizza box for all we know. No current script has been filed or green lit for production by Black Label Media or Thunder Road Pictures. I know Thad (Luckinbill) stated S3 was in production way back in 2018 , before S2 was released but that was just his emotions getting the best of him. S2 cost about $15 mill more and made less than S1. Who knows... Producer Jerry Bruckheimer was not too thrilled with the final product. So much so that he pulled these "Arab kids" off Beverly Hills Cop 4. A film he was producing next and had hired the same guys to direct. Apparently the studio felt the same way and decided to release this in January. Both previous films was huge summer blockbusters. Will Smith in a producer capacity managed to get Michael Bay back for #4. It's also my understanding that the publicity budget for Bad Boys for Life has been reduced gravely as well. Right now there is no script and no financing in place for a S3. S2 did nor pull enough $$$ to warrant a new film and Taylor Sheridan has moved on to other projects. We all just want Israel to be safe. We need to accept that Israeli companies make a profit. The reason TDF is failing is because its a weak film. Its third act was a complete joke. Cut`n dry. Too busy working on Penny Dreadful Los Angeles!! Nobody likes custom guys! View all replies >