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5 girls. I think Kevin Smith looks better fat. Absolutely terrible movie disguised as a bad one. There's so much to dislike about this film. Let me elaborate. 1) AI gone bad!!! OOOH that's so original. That's soo much better than a supernatural explanation. Well of course AI gone bad is perhaps THE most common SCI FI trope going on in the media right now. Every single computer, robot or electronic device secretly wants to be our enemy and kill us. It's been going on for decades but is such a cliche right now. This movie never should have adapted it, just to be somewhat more original. 2) Reminds me of the Simpsons Halloween episode segment with the killer Krusty doll "here is your set this thing to evil" This is satire. It's not meant to be a feature film! No serious horror fan finds anything Simpsons related to be scary. Amusing, funny, well written yes sure..but not scary. 3) The Doll does not give me the creeps at all. I actually felt kind of sorry for the little thing. I like Mark Hamil..he's a great voice actor but he's done sooo much voice over work in cartoons and Gooosebumps and kiddie stuff that his voice is not an asset to the movie. It feels more like an episode of Goosebumps on steroids. 4) Not sure why everyone is talking about the great acting. It seemed about average to me. Though I agree this is a bit subjective. 5) The original movie had this creepy, claustrophobic feeling. Here Andy makes friends easily. His friends believe him immediately. The original movie gives you a feel like maybe Andy could be the murderer and it's easily to believe how the mom and police are deceived. The movie touches upon this, but not nearly as effectively. 6) The pacing is terrible. There is not a single murder until around 40 minutes into the movie. This isn't a Hitchcock film. It just drags. Chucky has revealed himself to be somewhat autonomous with the cat scene but they show the murder as the prospective of "who is this", borrowing the style of the original film incorrectly Danny didn’t hold a grudge at first and tried to make peace with Johnny when he first saw him again. But remember that the cobras did some pretty awful things to him such as beating him up to the point he was unconscious. Who knows how far they would have gone if Mr Miyagi hadn’t have been there? Hey newsflash communism is not a political belief system.. it is an Economic system. There’s nothing evil about communism itself. I seem to remember Homelander lasering her in the chest and didn't hurt her? Yeah, why? Bump... Not to nitpick or anything but it was 3000 worth of H not 300. But yeah that does make his milkshake complaint look more stupid. Anyone ranking 3 over 1, is doing some serious drugs. View all replies >