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I agree, it's very obvious that giving the second movie to Rian Johnson was a bad idea. Killing off Snoke and Luke were the two worst things Rian could have done for the story of this trilogy, especially when Carrie passed. They could have delayed The Last Jedi another year and rewrote and reshot it so that Luke survived. It's something I really wish J.J had retconned, like Luke is so powerful he didn't die and just pulled a Gandalf. Heck if Palpataine survived from the second Death Star exploding I'm sure J.J could have made it so Luke didn't die from Skyping himself across the galaxy (a truly lame death for the character.) Yep, they did not expect the fan backlash of The Last Jedi. I’m quite confident Rian Johnson won’t be brought back for anything Star Wars related in the future, especially considering how much Rise acts as an apology for The Last Jedi. Also outside of Avengers and Harry Potter part 1 and part 2 movies have been risky for franchises. I’d still love an extended director’s cut of this movie though, just to help with pacing and to let some scenes breathe a bit more. Also there’s more emotion and heart in this movie than all of the prequels. What a cold, horrible, loveless world the prequels exist in. Anakin Skywalker is creepy, whiny, arrogant and unlikeable, how Obi-Wan ever describes him as ‘a good friend’ in A New Hope I have no idea. The prequels ruined Anakin Skywalker, The Last Jedi ruined Luke. This was an enjoyable Star Wars movie with some cringe but nothing on the level of the prequels ‘I hate sand’ and ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOO!’ The prequels are good for memes and Plinkett reviews but I keep getting told they’re ageing like fine wine LOL, they’re an embarrassment in my opinion, no one creatively challenged Lucas’ awful scripts or his lazy blue screen directing and we got three terrible movies. Sequel trilogy for me at least has 2 out of the 3 movies being good and rewatchable. Agreed, this was definitely a ‘best case scenario’ movie after the abysmal The Last Jedi. I would have preferred episode IX to be split into two movies though just so it felt less rushed. The Last Jedi didn’t even have a time jump and did nothing to progress the overall plot other than to kill Luke and Snoke. With two movies they could have had way more character moments and flashbacks, important stuff like how Snoke turned Ben Solo to the dark side, more stuff on Palpatine and the Sith planet Exogul and just gone into so much more with the lore. Instead we have one very overstuffed but fun movie that moves at breakneck speed and can’t do everything justice. I still really enjoyed it though and it’s much better than all of the prequels, I just feel it could have been so much more with two movies. Definitely not dead if we’re looking at box office, Skyfall being the highest grossing film in the franchise and Spectre being the second highest. Skyfall is overrated but still good and Spectre is serviceable if underwhelming. This franchise has survived much worse movies like Moonraker, A View To A Kill, License To Kill, Die Another Day and Quantum of Solace. If Bond 25 sucks it’ll still probably make enough money to keep the franchise ticking along for the next recasting. The franchise has lasted for over 50 years, maybe audiences will lose interest but Craig’s Bond is still bringing in the financial success and hopefully with Bond 25 he can go out on a high note. That’s fair that it’s in the comics but it’s still derivative of what happened in The Last Stand. Honestly this was Sophie Turner’s second (and now last) X-Men movie. In my opinion they had no way tackled the groundwork and character development to do the Dark Phoenix saga justice. We just don’t care about this version of the character enough for this epic tragedy to suddenly happen. This is why the MCU is so good, it takes the time to get you to care for the heroes. With this they just skip ahead 10 years between films cus character development is difficult for Kinberg. They even teased Mister Sinister at the end of Apocalypse, yet Kinberg couldn’t wait to take another crack at the Dark Phoenix saga. This is a great X-Men story, one of the best ones I’ve read in fact but you have to place it correctly in a cinematic universe. Zack Snyder loves The Dark Knight Returns, as do we all but it was a terrible idea having that as a inspiration for only your second film in a cinematic universe. I will say the train fight was pretty good though and McAvoy and Fassbender own their roles but I honestly struggle to say anything else positive about this film. It repeated some of the same mistakes that The Last Stand did. In the comics Jean initially uses the power of the Phoenix for good and then is corrupted which makes it a compelling tragedy. This and Last Stand both just show the downfall. Xavier tampered with her mind again (this didn’t happen in the comics) just like in The Last Stand. There’s another house fight. Magneto and Charles try and talk some sense into her and she lifts her hand and throws them about, it’s all dull and derivative stuff in my opinion. It even can’t keep continuity with Apocalypse seeing as Jean uses the Phoenix power to vanquish Apocalypse, Kinberg is contradicting his own writing. Honestly this should have been 2 movies taking place shortly after Apocalypse. If we don’t see Jean use the Phoenix power for good and only show it corrupting it completely misses the fundamental tragedy to this story. I’m glad you enjoyed the movie but for me it was a mess and another failure to the Dark Phoenix story from a first time director who clearly wasn’t ready to be handed a $200 million movie. Kinberg just doesn’t have any grasp on the source material because the Dark Phoenix saga is absolutely a story for the big screen, just not in the way he’s poorly attempted to adapt it. There is a lot to like this season. Plenty of great 80's movie references and some of the character conversations are great and it's also better than season 2. It also has the best production values and action on this show yet. Unfortunately with all the new characters I don't think they could give everyone adequate screen time, especially with the amount of action in the second half of the season. A lot of running and screaming in the second half as well and lots of gory CGI action, it honestly felt quite climactic and felt like it could have been the final season with a few tweaks to the story. Season 4 should definitely be the final season now unless they come up with something really inventive to keep the show going. Yes, unfortunately that's not how it works, but when a movie like this sucks it will do damage to the franchise and could potentially make people less interested in a reboot down the line. I thought the movie was boring for a number of reasons. The story was dull and repetitive, the action is bland and the characters are just wasted. This and Apocalypse brought nothing new to the table for me and they go down as dull and forgettable. I wish I'd liked this and Apocalypse but I'm disappointed by both films, especially considering the quality of the two great X-Men films that preceded them. He can’t be serious surely? Spider-Man dies from a bullet to the head? Stan Lee be rolling in his grave!! Agree with this. These new movies also felt like The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series as well which is one of my favourite adaptations of the character. The Raimi movies I do enjoy but they aren’t entirely Spider-Man. A lot of the superhero elements are borrowed from Superman and Superman II with some Raimi camp thrown in. Spider-Man 2 has some fantastic Peter and Aunt May scenes and some great action as well as Danny Elfman’s score, it’s just far from the definitive adaptation of the character that a lot of fans think it is (in my opinion) View all replies >