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The thing is with Lost is at least had the characters still, even if the mythology of the show didn't entirely satisfy in the end. It provided character payoffs and had emotional character deaths in the final season. Game Of Thrones deviated from all of the character development they'd been building and didn't answer any of the lingering questions. It had a rushed pacing and felt massively anticlimactic. It makes Lost's final season look masterful by comparison and I'd say this fell more in line with Dexter's final season in terms of writing it was that bad. You can tell the writers for Dexter's final season didn't care and just wanted to be done with it and I think the same could be said for Benioff and Weiss with GoT. Such a shame. Because if you think about it for more than two seconds the episode really doesn’t make any sense at all? Because it was boring? Because plot points that were brought up even just in this season weren’t even acknowledged in this final episode like Jon’s lineage? It’s not as dumb as Dexter’s finale but it comes dangerously close at times. Cinematography, acting, music, visual effects are all wasted if the writing (arguably the most important aspect) isn’t there. Congrats to HBO for spending millions on a final season that has the intelligence and emotional depth of a Michael Bay Transformers movie. You’ve put way more thought into this finale than D&D ever did. The whole episode is a joke. We have Arya going ‘I know a killer when I see one’ you don’t say Arya, how observant of you. Also Arya could have assassinated Dany sneakily and solved everything, but nah Jon has to do it and get caught/confess to Greyworm (which we don’t even see happen, presumably because the scene would be too stupid to commit to film.) Greyworm is murdering Lannister soldiers in the street but yeah sure he keeps Tyrion alive for treason and also keeps the Queenslayer Jon alive. Greyworm must definitely be sure to follow due process and keep them both in a cell until a fair trial because lord forbid Greyworm commits any war crimes...oh wait. Then at his own trial Tyrion undermines Greyworm at every opportunity by crowning a king, becoming hand of the king and also influencing a change in the political system right under Greyworm who suddenly forgets he wants justice for his queen. This is also an unspecified time jump ahead where everyone will know Jon has a legitimate claim to the throne over Dany but Sam, Arya, Sansa, Tyrion or Bran don’t bring this up in any attempt to prevent Jon from being exiled to the wall. You could almost forgive D&D for rushing episodes 4 and 5 if it meant for an exciting and logical finale but obviously they didn’t care and character logic went to new lows for this final season yet again. I never read the books but I was throughly entertained by this show until about the last 4 episodes of this season. You simply can’t wrap a show of this magnitude up in six episodes. It needed a slower burn approach where we saw Dany’s decent into madness. The story is mostly solid but how it’s executed is rushed and sloppily written. The actors, directors, musicians, visual effects artists, set designers, costume designers and heck even the writers of the first 2 episodes of this season (which I mostly enjoyed) seemed to turn up and make the best show they could. I don’t think D&D turned up though, the last 4 episodes of this show seem like an afterthought for them, like they had Martin’s plot points and instead of finding exciting and logical ways to tell the story they brainstormed some ideas for their Star Wars trilogy instead. D&D adapted the five books to a level that made this one of the greatest TV shows ever made. Okay it went a bit downhill after they ran out of book material to adapt (mainly noticeable in the dialogue) but it still was entertaining and fairly well paced, although season 5 did feel like they were stalling a bit in the hopes Martin would get that sixth book out before season 6 began production. Regardless they did well and the show remained a critical success until this rushed final season. Maybe I should have lowered my expectations but I honestly didn’t think HBO would let this happen to their biggest show. Exactly all of this. It just leaves an impression that D&D either didn’t know their own show or didn’t care or some combination of both. I read an interview with D&D where they said how long they’d worked on the show for and how they really cared about ending it right. If they cared they should have asked HBO to get more writers involved and potentially even get more episodes so they’re not trying to wrap up all these storylines in a mere six episodes, a seemingly impossible task for even the best of writers. They could have stepped down as showrunners for Star Wars and let the show continue without them. Shows change showrunners sometimes, sometimes it’s even for the better but nope they reassured HBO somehow that they could pull this off in just six episodes. It just seems deluded on their part. In the end we have a rushed and nonsensical final season to a great show. The story is fine, but the execution is rushed and poorly thought out, the characters are stupid and out of character, the suspense and the drama is lacking, the villains are undermined and their deaths anticlimactic, the show jumps about so much the world feels small. I don’t want to sound entitled but this could have and should have been so much better and I’m very disappointed HBO and D&D let this happen to one of my favourite shows. Exactly this. So many missed opportunities for great, exciting drama and in the end it’s just feels like a checkbox list to get through. Such a boring, lazily written finale with some incredible music and cinematography. A real shame. If they do a fourth one they sure as hell have their work cut out for them in terms of topping this one. Part of me would love to see a fourth film but there’s also a part of me that is fine with it ending here as well. I just saw this here in the UK. It’s definitely the best one yet and goes even further into the mythology of the franchise and the title character’s history. It’s also got some incredibly creative and choreographed action, a franchise best for sure, it goes way beyond the second movie in terms of ambition. It’s also very funny at times. I hope they do a fourth film to break the convention of ‘everything has to be a trilogy’ although this also works as a franchise ending so I don’t mind either way. It’s an action masterpiece though, no doubt about it. The biggest disappointment for me is it doesn’t even feel like Game of Thrones anymore. There’s no emotional weight to any of this, it feels like a checklist of things to do to wrap up the show in 6 episodes. Characters teleport around and do silly things and only stay alive cus plot armour. The story being told here isn’t unsatisfying, it’s just rushed and sloppy in it’s execution. HBO should have pushed for more episodes and overruled D&D’s ‘we only need six episodes’ rubbish. The fans have made this one of the biggest shows of all time, we deserve better than this. I just get the feeling D&D can’t wait to head over to Lucasfilm and begin their Star Wars trilogy, whereas I and Im sure many others would have happily waited another year if it meant a few more episodes. I don’t even feel like rewatching the show now considering how thoughtless this whole final season has been. Was about as convincing as Anakin’s turn to the dark side in the Star Wars prequels, as in sloppy and not convincing at all. If there was ever a season of GoT that needed the full 10 episodes to tell this story this final season was definitely it. View all replies >