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It’s the little things in this movie that all add up for me as well. The 90’s setting and soundtrack, the cat on the airbase being named after Goose from Top Gun, the chase through the canyon as an homage to Independence Day and Stan Lee’s cameo having him reading the Mallrats script on the bus. I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. Ben Mendelsohn was also great and stole every scene he was in as he always does. The Stan Lee version of the Marvel Studios logo was a classy touch as well. It's definitely a conclusion and I'd be very surprised if they made a fourth one, in fact I hope they don't because the ending is perfect. Saw the film today at a preview screening in the UK and I think It’s one of the best films of the year. I laughed (a lot) struggled to hold back tears in some scenes and was just all around impressed with how original the story was and how unique and fitting the animation style was, it felt like watching a comic book pop out of the screen with all the heart, humour and fun Spider-Man excells at. My words honestly can’t do justice to how much I loved this movie, it could have been a complete disaster but is actually the best surprise of 2018. Even if you’re tired of Spider-Man and superhero movies still go and see this movie you will not regret it. I’m going again as soon as I can and I rarely do that with movies these days. Just my opinion, everyone has different tastes. The effects team did great work as did the sound designers and the actors did well with what they had to work with. It's all let down by a script full of cliches and a director who struggles to even pull off an effective jump scare. Plus I really went in expecting to love it considering the reviews and the trailer, it looked like Wolfenstein the movie. If it weren't for The Nun and The Predator this would be the biggest disappointment of the year for me. It was definitely better than The Predator and The Nun but this was still a massive disappointment for me considering the reviews and the fantastic trailer. It definitely attempted to be war movie for a large chunk of the running time which was a huge mistake considering the characters have little depth. I expected a full on insane genre mashup like the trailer promised. Instead I got a poor effort at emulating an episode of Band of Brothers that then dipped it's toe into the horror genre. There just simply wasn't enough of it and the film needed to be more self-aware and laughing at itself a bit more if it couldn't deliver real scares. Very little in this movie gets the adrenaline flowing apart from the opening scene and I expected to have way more fun with the film overall. They've made a film about Nazi zombies and it still somehow commits the cardinal sin of being boring. This season was outstanding. Daredevil has always been leaps and bounds better than the other Marvel/Netflix shows and the fights here outdid season 1 and 2 and the story was compelling that it made it an easy and enjoyable binge watch which I haven't felt about any of these Marvel/Netflix shows since, well, Daredevil season 2. Can definitely tell they really took their time plotting out the major story beats as it had a really strong narrative through line, was definitely worth the 2 and a half year wait. Wilson Fisk is also the best live action Marvel villain I've ever seen apart from Thanos. It'll probably never happen but Vincent D'Onofrio and Charlie Cox deserve Emmy or Golden Globe nominations for their work in my opinion, their final conversation in the season finale after their fight was fantastic. I honestly can find very little wrong with this season (maybe the Karen flashback was a bit unnecessary) it's the best TV I've seen all year and I think honestly one of the best seasons of anything Netflix have ever produced. Roll on season 4 and more Bullseye, I do feel they've made it difficult for themselves to outdo this season though by succeeding this hard with it. I really wanted to like this movie as well but agree with everything you've said. The first act was complete garbage and then when Venom finally turns up after the overlong motorcycle chase it really felt like the movie hurried towards it's conclusion. Felt like a good chunk of the movie was missing. I was reminded of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in that the movie didn't seem to flow at all and couldn't get that balance between seriousness and lightheartedness. The movie is just devoid of anything memorable or special and was definitely in need of a better script. View all replies >