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The Simone Biles story is a testament Grayskull wasn't race-swapped I don't think I liked this Paying college athletes might be the beginning of the end This. This right here is why people mock liberals Naomi Osaka is the poster child Gave $200 million to charity Prgenant Man and Person emoji Sarita was an Sherri Shepard says Friends wasn't black enough. View all posts >


I don't think you did. "I'm not even sure if i should laugh or cry ... after you ask me "where's the gay in this show" you start to answer yourself?" I was mocking the old show. On what planet is that proof of something wrong with the new show? What is wrong with your brain? Oh, I have. That's why I know you're basing it on nothing more than a haircut and fake Photoshopped pictures: Those links and memes are all about the OG show, dingus. On what planet are individuals making up to $75-112K poor? If you are going to create some kind of "basic income" why the hell would you give it to people making that kind of money? That is WELL ABOVE middle-class in most states: Assistance programs should be reserved for people who actually need it. You "pRoGreSSiveS" just want to throw money at everyone without any thought or regard for the consequences of it. How did the free money work out the last year and a half? There's consequences to this kind of stuff. You're seeing it now with businesses being unable to fill jobs. The stimulus was necessary - because the fucking governments wouldn't let people work - but it's just created a bunch of lazy entitled fucks; especially when they don't have to pay rent either. I'm not above helping people in need, but this kind of stuff has to be well-planned to prevent abuse. Why yes, yes you did. I think it's funny the only reason they think she is a lesbian is because of her haircut, LOL. I mean, that's some 13-year old boy, dumb hick, real knuckle-dragger kinda logic. A haircut, hahahahaha! I don't think they did. You're projecting. Cap didn't like it because it was goofy, not nationalist, you anti-American fuck. That's not what the word "fact" means. "She's unhappy that she's not doing well, and probably feels ashamed about it. She's afraid of looking bad, so she bows out of the competition and uses the term "mental health". She knows that if she uses that term everyone will love her because we're in 2021 and that's the way the world works" I haven't made up my mind as to whether I believe this is sincere or not - both are entirely posible - but this statement is absolutely true. It's particularly true of young women in this day and age. They all "have trauma" and "PTSD". It's the same exact mindset of those who randomly throw out accusations of rape, harassment, racism, etc. See, humans are stupid and reactionary. There ARE people who have been raped or victims of harassment, sexism, and racism in the past, but this generation takes that and magnifies that by about 1000. They don't like you or disagree with you? You get accused of something. Don't wanna do something? Claim you have mental illness. View all replies >