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Someone needs to stop these people Canceled. Next up? Dr. Seuss! It was Agatha all along, or at least "There are boys with vaginas and girls with penises" the definition of Megan McCain complained Love this movie, but the Republican analogy ROTJ Luke was always my least favorite Luke A chubby 50 year old woman I wasn't talking to my jammy View all posts >


I named at least six in my first few posts you fucking clown. This made me chuckle at my desk. I'm not sure the words "the usual" mean what you think they do. bahahahahaha! Did last summer bother you too or are you selective with your outrage? Because I'm over you partisan types. Mental illness is off-the-charts in this country. It isn't mislead, it's a copout. Everything is on Agatha. Still is even after the last episode. That's how it's presented and that's how the majority of the fans are interpreting it. Poor poor Wanda was "being controlled", it's not her fault! There's no accountability, remorse, or anything negative towards her from the show - Rambeau has outright excused her and portrayed her as the victim - and the fans. She's going to fight Agatha and Agatha sure as shit isn't the hero in this scenario. Wanda is VILLAIN, but this show doesn't have the balls to outright call her one. Exactly! I hated it. It was excusing Wanda AGAIN. And now that we know she played a pretty healthy role in all this? No one is talking about it. It's still all Agatha's fault. Jesus H. Christ, some of those comments are just pathetic: "I’m honestly crying. Representation really matters. Seeing my own exhausting reality portrayed on TV is surreal and cathartic. THANK YOU." "This made me tear up.... I'm a mother of 4 and I have not breastfed any of my children - I have always felt guilty about it. I can do anything! but breastfeeding was something that I couldn't. I tried everything and blamed myself beyond belief. However, I am happy to say that all my kids grew up healthy, strong and smart. It's a journey... " "THANK YOU FOR THIS. So nice to feel seen. Moms are shamed if they don't breastfeed, and then are shunned when they do." "Well done Frida!! I'm definitely crying. The shear honesty shared in this video should be seen by everybody! I exclusively pumped for my first born for nearly 10 months and now with a six week old, starting over is rough. Motherhood is so damn hard!!" Why are modern women so fucking....soft? All this PC, SJW, and just plain oversensitive crap? Women are the ones doing this. Don't get me wrong, if I'm with someone who is pregnant or just had a kid, I'm gonna support and help her, but this nonstop talk about "crying" and feeling "represented"....over breastfeeding, the nonstop sensitivity over any and every topic, these people can't handle life. This is why society is the way it is now, why cancel culture exists, why Demi Lovato says things like, "There are girls with penises and boys with vaginas." This is based on what? View all replies >