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Lol I agree with all you guys. I didn't actually like the movie at all it just didn't make much sense to me. It's a shame as its a nice idea they had but just badly thought out. Oh well, still waiting for the next horror film to really make me jump and want to curl up. A girl can dream lol xx Ooh OK not seen No One Lives thank you will search for it xx Thank you, seen most of those but not all xx Oooh The Puppet Master was random when I saw it on TV and I remember it was fun xx Lol got to say I didn't notice this but I am maybe not as old as you. Loved the movie though! xx Omg it has to be Sleepaway Camp 2 sooo freaky xx Oh god OK I don't binge eat too much much but when I watch a movie then I can't resist sometimes. My go-to are Sweet Popcorn, Barbecue Pringles, Nachos with a tomato based dip or Maltesers. Don't want to put on too much weight though so have to watch it lol xx Ooh Live Actually is my go-to December/Christmas movie. It perfectly depicts this time of year in the UK! xx Lol er not sure what to say to that. I'm just me but thank you xx Thank you that's sweet xx View all replies >