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Guy from Harlem Learn something >It's a new bill that I am sure you have not heard of, called HR-1, the "For The People Act" that takes money out of politics by requiring disclosure of donations That's your big point about what fascism is? Not *Antifa and BLM violence to force or make a political point *Big tech eliminating conservative voices from the internet * A media that supports one side (The left) and is weaponized against political opponents * Newspeak, Wrong think and thought police (guess who does that)? Personally I'm for the public knowing who is donating to who but that's not fascism so yeah you don't know what it is LOL you clearly don't know what fascism is but go ahead and explain in detail how its Republicans and not Democrats engaged in this behavior At the very least she needs to be impeached Again, way to miss the point dipshit Is that the DNCs position yes or no? Really? There wasn't a Boston Marathon Bomber in Massachusetts? Yeah its incredible how much she can eat at a buffet. "All you can eat HA jokes on them" she's been overheard to say View all replies >