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He didn't shoot Thomas Wayne a riotor in a clown mask did, most likely that was Joe Chill Two different jokers in two different kind of films. One was a commentary on terrorism in a post 9/11 world the other on social services programs failing the less fortunate and no where for those with mental illness that are alone to go, what happens when they go over the edge. Racist Looks more like Iggy Pop to me you shut your hole Quantum Leap was amazing LOL the grown ups are running the country. Republicans All you little kids are crying in your safe spaces Funny cause they removed the Daleks and Cyberman for this new who, my guess is because it hits too close to home for the NPCs watching No you liberals amuse me far more, as for the rest of your incoherent ramblings I gave up reading it. You don't want reasonable gun control, you leftists want complete removal of the second amendment. I hear it far too often but do try and deny it. If everyone was subjugated to the same many leftists would be deplatformed as well. Secondly many of these recent attackers would have had the FBI looking in on them but no Twitter is too busy removing James Woods tweets. Actually they didn't, those names have been targets of AntiFA at speaking engagements. Do try and keep up with where the conversation is going. Wrong again, the Mueller investigation has only found people guilty of lying not of any collusion. Way to bring up Benghazi though which your queen Hillary failed miserably at and allowed Americans in service to our nation die. Good job, stupid View all replies >