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Black and Bi = only reason she's CW's Batwahmen Will this be next to be banned? Will this be next to be banned? Will this be next to be banned? 10/10 - Masterpiece Current state of the Mccarthyist left Show sucks now View all posts >


In the comics Bruce and his parents saw Zorro the night they were killed No she was in season 1 with Woody and Matthew You didn't watch season 1 of True Detective? Cold Mountain Free State of Jones George Floyd. You hold a gun to a pregnant womans belly, have 9 felonies and last day on earth do fentanyl and meth I have 0 sympathy for you and your shitty life choices He didn't shoot Thomas Wayne a riotor in a clown mask did, most likely that was Joe Chill Two different jokers in two different kind of films. One was a commentary on terrorism in a post 9/11 world the other on social services programs failing the less fortunate and no where for those with mental illness that are alone to go, what happens when they go over the edge. Racist Looks more like Iggy Pop to me you shut your hole Quantum Leap was amazing View all replies >