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I take it they're not making the prequel to this any more? The last line of the movie.... What a pair of idiots that came to help her. Sarcasm They did The Man Chris Chibnall confirms new Doctor isn't from a parallel universe *spoiler* Is anybody worried that a huge retcon is coming? When are they allowed to start eating again? What a masterpiece The plot seemed a bit non-existent View all posts >


I was kind of hoping for a Mario cameo. There has to be some peril, or there isn't really a superhero movie. If nobody got in any peril, we'd just have Peter Parker going about his life, never becoming Spiderman. What a great movie that'd be. Spiderman 3; Peter Parker goes to work, comes home, does laundry, goes and watches a baseball match with the guys. See the gripping conclusion, as he wakes up the next morning and has a shave.... In this particular superhero franchise, the main character is male and has a girlfriend. The friends and family of the superhero are always going to get into danger regularly and require savings. That's kind of the nature of the superhero genre. That's not to say all the women in these movies have to scream and be all "Help me, help me. Where's my man?" You can write strong female side-characters. Also, you can also make cool movies with the female super heroes. (See Wonder Woman.) But to suggest that they shouldn't be in any peril in a superhero movie seems a bit daft. That's a bit like asking should women never be killed in the murder mystery genre? Don't really see the point now. Loved the first two, the second one especially. But Tobey Maguire's time is over. I watched it for the first time last night. I wonder if OP's hotmail account is still active. It was all in his head, man. He hallucinated that they had a relationship. So she was surprised when they had actual interaction. Well, I'm not arguing that's it's a good film. It's probably the most tedious horror movie of all time. I'll probably go and see it. This movie only offends people that haven't seen it. The only offensive things about this movie is how tedious it is. Anybody who talks about the shock value clearly hasn't watched it, and is just believing the hype. Well, yeah. The obvious one is Back To The Future. If we discounted that one, I loved Teen Wolf as a kid, but can't remember the last time I watched it. Doc Hollywood was enjoyable too. And though not a movie, I always enjoyed him in Spin City. Danny Devito. View all replies >