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I never got The Smokey And The Bandit joke When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside. Baloney Just watched this How was he a Lone Ranger, if he had Tonto with him? The best character in this.... When they returned from 2015 to 1985.... What a masterpiece I clap my hands and jump for joy Since when was this called Cannibals In The Streets? View all posts >


I hope the OP enrolled in law school, and went on a journey of self discovery and improvement. My understanding was that the 1989 Batman movie was quite early in Batman's crime fighting career. A lot of the low-life thugs seemed to act like he was just a rumour or a legend. Some didn't believe in him. Maybe similarly Bruce's friendship with Gordon hadn't fully developed yet, and they knew each other better in later movies. It didn't even say she was leaving. It said there was reports that she was leaving. That's the oldest trick in the book. That way if they're wrong, they haven't stated it outright. As long as they're not continually mentioning it all the time, I don't have a problem with it. And even the Fed-Ex episode, at least they were part of the plot so it didn't really annoy me. It wasn't like they were sitting round, and mentioning the food they were eating by brand name for no reason. I like in The Truman Show, when they do the over the top product placements all the time. At one point Truman and Marlon are having a beer, and Marlon turns to camera and goes; "Man, that's a good beer" and holds it up in shot. Or when his wife spends far too long talking about all the functions of her kitchen equipment, whilst clearly posing for the camera. I only watched it once, but enjoyed it and would watch it again. Us Brits like a drink. True dat. Nice. It's a British show. Would you complain that characters in an American show used too many Americanisms? View all replies >