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Austin wasted beer. What gets me is.... Should Rob Zombie remake season of the witch? Madonna It wasn't THAT bad Put these three 'comeback' movies in order that you liked them. Put these movies in order of preference Which of these movies did you like the best? Just watching it now on DVD One thing I found a bit baffling... View all posts >


The Early Years. The Golden Years. The Years After It Stopped Being Good. Not sure it really required a sequel. The story was already told. I like this movie, but it seems to me that there isn't much they could do in a sequel without repeating the same gags. ^ Underrated answer. Didn't you also post this in Stone Cold Steve Austin's forum, saying Austin would kill Bruce Lee? What? Yeah. I heard that. Heeeeyyyy. There's a Beebop amd Rocksteady thread? Where? That sounds hella cool. ^ Seconded. View all replies >