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It's not that bad. ... Hmmm Time Dilatation... When I first watched this film, Please... Quite the ... Thoughts aboot the 3rd act (Spoilers) TV show - 1999 to 2001? **SOLVED** Feminism is Applied Marxism... SOLVED: My Side of the Mountain (1969) View all posts >


Cool. I'll check the film out now! They have. It's called "Batwoman" on the CW, and looks terrible. Indeed, "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" was amazing... still is! Back in the 90's they understood tone, and social commentary. Today, it's just hardcore leftist activism... very cringe, very much. How does being "rich" have to do with being corrupt or greedy, never the less associated with a 'greedy government' (Higher Taxes - Pro Marxism)? By your comment, I think you're too young to understand current government (local/international), let alone the how the SPIRIT of Robbin Hood has been portrayed on tv and in film. To you, their Left-Wing terrorism is 'acceptable', as the current news supports the ANTIFA Mobs. This is just 'normal' to you, so you don't care for the lack of your knowledge. You mean, a "Living Dead Girl"? Still loved her in <i>The Professional,<i/> none the less. I'm guessing, you do not know the full extent of Leftist Deception(s). No. That's too sublet. The sexual act will most likely be portrayed on screen. "Cannonball Run 2", what an awesome film!!! Miss Nicole Kidman actually studied, with a focus, and graduated university with a Human Biology degree, and completed a doctors/medical program a few years later... If she hadn't, the Rabid Left would have accused her of taking roles away from real doctors whom wanted to 'act' in television and film. So clearly. I mean, "So, clearly," Miss Kidman is enfact a doctoress. Not many know this. I wish Hans Zimmer would return to, at least for a few moments, to themes like "Days of Thunder" (1990) and "The Rock" (1996). View all replies >