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I know Clifford Daniels - Clifford (1994) wouldn't count as to the ambiguity of the character's age, but was one of the first things I thought of haha :) Season 12? What? Where have I been lol That's awesome. I guess I should start watching the show again from the beginning sometime soon. Hey, me, yeah you, from 9 months ago, I, which is you, in the future, well my present, do remember! Rewatching the show again :) The episode, "The Other Guys" was pretty funny, parody-esc, and awesome. I like the character. I mean, we like the character. I can't remember but doesn't Louis believe that he is the last of his kind? Also the title of the book/film, I presume, is the title of the 'article' by a, or rather the interviewer. I think Hunter's team is appealing so the case goes to SCOTUS regarding 5A violations, as the federal background check is a form of self-incrimination. Pro-constitutional, 2A persons (regardless if they're "Right-wingers" or not) prefer the case to go to SCOTUS, I presume. Nice! The first concert (1999/2000?) was at the Double Tree Hotel. The headliner was Papa Roach with Head P.E., Mudvain (I think -- the singer died on tour), and a little band named Linkin Park. I didn't know any bands except Papa Roach, and Linkin Park hadn't breaken out yet (I did remember seeing their CD promos on TV though, at the time). I remember waiting in line with a couple of my friends (we drove there right after school). Being the only ones waiting in line, Chester walked by with his little bulldog. We commented on how cool his dog was. Then we saw him on stage, and we were like WTF lol Last concert (2009), I think it was Mars Vaulta or AlexisonFire. Yeah, I can't remember. EDIT: Oh, I did see the Transabarian Orchestra in or around 2013. I really liked Atreyu! 'A Song for the Optomists' is prolly my favorite track. Their next commercial break album was pretty good too, but I didn't pay too much attention to them. I did see them once with The Used. Pretty cool show, indeed. Traitor, indeed! She never experienced pain, on Earth, that is. The Kryptonians weren't super begins on Krypton that I know of. <spoiler>'Angel Heart' (1987)</spoiler> View all replies >