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Has consulted on an upcoming movie of his Will Premiere in Summer 2024 NHL Skills Competition: Nikita Kucherov goes viral with awful performance RFK Jr's bid for independent presidential run garners mega Trump donor support RFK Jr's bid for independent presidential run garners mega Trump donor support Go To Star Wars Galaxy Edge 2024 NHL All-Star Game Skills Winner “I thought Han Solo should die”: Harrison Ford Asked George Lucas To “Kill him off” After First ‘Star Wars’ Movie as He This softly reset the DCEU to DCU Superman, a refugee's success story View all posts >


Picard is a Liberal like SIR Patrick Stewart please use someone else The Federation got there shit together to make a utopic society for most the apart because he retired from acting recently no she wasnt fired she just didnt fit iteration of Supergirl much like Cavills Superman also Cosmicbook News is clickbait wish people would stop using those sites there toxic Star Wars Outlaws is gonna be awesome too as we get be a Scoundrel admist a Galactic Scale Gangwar essitionally it will do better than The Flash James Gunn cant make a bad movie all of his films were hits unlike Muschettis besides it did bad because of Ezra Millers controversial actions besides David Coronswet is better than Henry Cavill The EU is the not the reich please educate yourself Germany is ashamed of Nazis history please i have German heritage i should know this The Creator(2023) was solid last year Dune Part 1(2021) , Alien:Covenant(2017) and The Martian(2015) both Cruise sci-fi movies Oblivion and Edge Of Tommorow Rogue One(2016),The Last Jedi(2017) and Andor(2022) have been peak Star Wars along the OT. thats for Starfleet the United Earth is in New York City Nazi Germany died when Germany was divided and when the Berlin wall fail I have Germanic and Swedish Heritage STFU the UN needs to relocate from North America View all replies >