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Tom Cruise Best Villain Role Why Tolkien Isn’t a Conservative Man some Toxic MCU fans are attacking Michael Waldron like some Toxic SW fans are attacking Rian Johnson "Just remember whose show this actually is" Man Makes you feel Bad for The Lions Lock Him Up with Another Sex Offender Bills Punter Matt Araiza Deleted This Movie from The Predator and this Movie is canceled Wonder Will her Next Role Will be? This Actually looks better than Most Straight Rom-Coms Dude Still hasnt Been Fired View all posts >


No its toss between Ethan Hunt & Maverick Hell, it's a shame he's completely shifted over to semi-comedic action man. dude are you kidding me Mission:Impossible and Top Gun:Maverick are some of his best work love him as the Heroic Ethan Hunt and Peter Mitchell STFU They are just going to milk this franchise til people get sick of it. Look at Marvel, its pretty much done at this point. the Next Star Wars Movie isn't till 2025 also have you heard the reception surrounding Andor Praise Kathleen Kennedy its a step in the right in direction fresh and New take also people like myself are excited for the return of the Avengers films also Loved Multiverse of Madness this year 2nd highest grossing movie also Thor: Love And Thunder have at number 6 spot as well and was in top 3 of 2022 so far behind Top Gun: Maverick & The Northman Anyone who reads The Lord of the Rings and then says that Tolkien was not a conservative is either a liar or a fool. yes that would be you Tolkien was more progressive he would've hated the racist Trump and Business Mogul Elon Musk FACTS Texas has Republicans in both the Governors chair and Senate both are Jokes I say both are the problem lets hope voters wise up and make Texas Blue , The racist South needs to be Blue in General -Colin Kapernick I was wrong about and we ignored his warnings that came to ahead with George Floyds death -George Floyd He did so much good in the community agreed -John Boyega dude risked his career to speak out and he did it on the streets during the protests As all woketards are racists by default. that's strawman we are trying to promote equality have people here your racist here hon wow way to show your racism towards Meghan Markle you are confusing her with Kate Middleton , Son its a sitcom you manbaby > As for Columbus he left Italy and sailed with the Spaniards. still violated the native women and was a textbook colonizer and Columbus day has been renamed indigenous peoples day thank goodness > not only a coward but an ignorant fool also. Broken clock is right twice a day so keep trying you will evetually get one of your bullshit opinions to stick your the coward for supporting Rapist Theives and Murderers and white supremacy YOUR THE COWARD View all replies >