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Why dont all countries try to be Like The Utopia New Zealand Trump is Nixon 2.0 #MeToo Is Gonna Implicate Whedon like Weinstein excited to see him reprise his role as Sylens in Horizon Forbidden West Bias is the Cause Of Newton Signed Before Kaep? Just Retire Danny Trump just proclaimed he is A White Supremacist Possibly X-Men/F4 Reference? Ryan Gosling had A Better in Blade Runner 2049 View all posts >


Although I believe he is innocent, I don't care if you rape and kill a hundred people if in the meantime you are making movies like Annie Hall and Midnight in Paris. Go see a psychologist now no im a progressive Christian which is Quite Opposite we are tolerant we are on the side of life dont you want Evil purged from this world what is wrong with you right considering its going up againist Top Gun Maverick and Joseph Konsinki isnt an actual filmmaker your wrong also it three hours Long and dividing the first book into two parts and Villeneuve BR 2049 proved to be a great audition tape your wrong pal anjd the casting is great yeah who cares people who they love shouldn't come under question also we judge all people by the content of their character to quote Dr.King Trump is still your President though. I disowned him after his endorsement of the KKK At the Charlottesville Rally and handling Of Covid-19 Winning? To Him not for everyone else Now its #WearADamnMask Again No Obama does more so Yes it should be used statewide until a vaccine finally gets done with clinical trials in the mean time wear a damn mask View all replies >