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She Broke Out last year for Borat 2 One of the most Racist actors in history He should be The Next Bond Thank You Tom Trying to Save The Industry Wow really Low Of Marvel to Recast Her RIP anyone who stunt person owes it too him Really Hope Johnny Silverhand doesnt interrupt Hoping for better representation For Grindeldore Imperial China is REAL China Wallace is My Roles Of Jared Letos View all posts >


yeah your right No Biden will be effective and Obama was effective both are and will be great presidents No Nolan directed the Best Film of 2O20 STFU that wasnt streaming trash like the services that they are you should be jailed with him Woody Allen should be Jailed and his films stricken from history he is the equivalent oF DW Griffith UncleB supports pedos got it DCEU Superman Is 3 demisional and better than Homelander oh really there is still tension between us since Biden was elected you cite ranker that's as bad as citing WatchMojo Thor has become popular since Ragnorok both Waititi and the Russos had a hand in characters resurgence the flu is endemic and we have lived with it yes its an option View all replies >