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Looks Like He Is On His Way out The Industry Like Charlie Sheen well crafted Film But I hated it Worst Of 2019 Dude is A Fake It is Losing To Mission:Impossible in the Spy Action Genre Totally Wasted in The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance I think it deserves a sequel She Ruined her body with Tattoos He is Gonna Relapse watch Dude is Cool One Of My Favorite Safeties View all posts >


I still Prefer Star Wars Over MCU/DC anyday of the week Yes it is I sympathize with Villains who struggle to find the light in themselves or villians who want to have order in this world but goe about the wrong Joker fits neither of those he's an Insane person who needs to be put down Thats Lame No but she is pretty hot blonde in my book I see nothing wrong with that at least none of the characters are gay Yes I Hope See Lili Reinharts tits Thank You I was hoping this would be the next showgirls Yes they would also be mad A Marine Namely Hicks is a Triatagonist rather than The Main character My favorite of The Aliens series TBH View all replies >