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i was told to move it here she irritates me ikr Meghan is awfull THOSE EVIL WOMEN DID THE WORST THING A WOMAN CAN DO....THEY SPOKE THEIR MINDS. in a radical way not a tactful way then present it that WAY its become tiresome I remember when entertainers were entertainers if you want fair treatment dont come off as radicals aka Feminazi's Feminazi and Feminism don't go hand in hand they are not the same thing having peaceful protests works like what Dr.King did not Malcolm X your band is coming off like Malcolm Diplomacy and Tact achieve higher results They come of Radicals there something called Tact its called Checks and Balances OP Blockbusters are just as Cinema as the Oscar Fare Film is Film i liked it more than Solo it were still talking 2018 Mission:Impossible-Fallout was my favorite of that year RPO Was # 2 Moon Pirates it just shows are Humans we would resort back to our ways that's a realistic take how much more logic can you get motive was there View all replies >