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Yes, they have better resources for classical music and music education, probably I can tell with my magical eye. It's pretty obvious. Actually, Spain and Italy I saw seemed kinda the same as the US, in different ways... I recently discovered that they are also the same race as other Europeans mixed with Northern African, whatever race that is or was. However, other countries are mixed, as well, with them, too. Many of them are nice, though, as well as attractive. When people mess with darker races and break promises about their safety living in a country. You do both. I'd show them my cell. Papers are a hassle. I was watching Pirates and my brother kicked his feet up and in Orlando a lady behind us spilled her drink on him at the end getting up. I gave her a little reaction. I think Orlando is trying to fun with me so I'll give them a look and they go on like everything is okay all the time. I'm just with my little brother. My dad is with his mom. I'm usually pretty secluded. The theater is often filled. No. The Phantom of the Opera Little House in the Big Woods (Little House Books, 1st Book) Harry Potter 1-3 The Magician's Nephew (The Chronicles of Narnia, 1st Book) I even do it in IMAX and Dolby Surround Sound, which is my favorite. I always pick the front middle. View all replies >