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Have you ever pooped your pants.. Makes everything better Did anyone watch this movie? OVERRATED I tried... I thought it was pretty bad.. Are they supposed to unlikeable? WTF is Aaron doing?? So he just... SPOILERS That's not Henry Cavill on the cover? View all posts >


You should Google. He's had several movies since Paul Blart. Hard to disagree with that. Throw in Gene Hackman and what the hell... I trust you. Thats probably why I never looked her up after that. I figured something happened that she couldn't talk to me about.. Maybe she got pregnant a month after.. Whatever it is, I already know that I don't want to know. Lol Be thankful you got that much, even though after that long it's still pretty messed up to get dumped with a text.. at least you got closure. In my case, we were basically best friends that would be "together" for a few months at a time.. It never worked out, but were also young and stupid.. and we never had any hard feelings about it.. at least that I was aware of. Figured at the very least we would always keep in touch on some level, but nope.. Haven't heard a single word from her in about 5 years now. Harsh. Lol One of them, yes. Moreso I wonder what happened to her. She ghosted me after being together on and off for years. I'm sure I could find out, but that would feel stalkery weird. I didn't stick around long enough, but the cop got there before the paramedics and thought he had a heart attack, causing him to run off the road and into a park down the road from me. The guy never tried to brake and plowed right through the side of the rink. The car was propped up/stuck, and the tires were still spinning. I'm guessing he was there for a while before I drove by. I knew he was dead immediately though. It was pretty messed up. Found a dead guy in a car, crashed into the side of an ice rink when I was 16. Yes. One time, and it's messed with my head since whenever I think about it. Early 2000's.. my friend and I went to this car dealership that used to be near our high school and had been there for decades. My buddy wanted to ask about an old Chevelle in the parking lot. This older guy comes out and starts talking to us, and eventually goes back in. My friend had more questions, so we eventually went inside as well. As soon as we stepped in, my whole body just froze. The inside of the shop looked old.. like everything inside was from a different decade. There is a younger guy at the counter reading, and the older guy was nowhere to be seen. My buddy starts asking him questions about the car, and the dude acted like we weren't even there. Eventually he looks off to the side of us and says something. I couldn't make it out, but it was like he was talking to someone who wasn't there. My friend and I looked at each other confused. and I was just like "let's go dude" because the whole thing felt off. He agreed. Fast forward years later, I was having dinner with my dad and his friend, and he brings up that dealership. Apparently he knew the guy really well that owned it. I asked him if he had a son that worked there, and the guy said he never had a kid. But the guy in the store looked exactly like a younger version of the older guy in the parking lot. Even thinking about it now it was like we stepped into a time warp or something.. I don't believe in that stuff but I get the weirdest feeling when I think about that day. Decent face.. but some of the most horrendous tattoos I've ever seen. I don't mind tats on a girl, but oof.. they are jarringly bad. That said, just because I don't find her attractive, doesn't mean other men wont. Just not my type. I actually own a ninja mask. Tempted to wear it but it'd probably look pretty stupid in public. Lol View all replies >