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Some of the best lines in cinema history. What's with the swearing? Holy crap! Have you ever pooped your pants.. Makes everything better Did anyone watch this movie? OVERRATED I tried... I thought it was pretty bad.. Are they supposed to unlikeable? View all posts >


We are the Champions Edit- Someone already said it.. how about Sweet Home Alabama Sounds like jock itch or some other type of fungal infection. If you wear tight pants, or boxer briefs and sweat this can happen. You can try antifungal over the counter stuff, or just wash really well and let your balls get aired out once in a while. Also, throw some baby powder down there if its bad. Actually I would have no problem with the scene, if they actually made it look like a struggle. It appears they just turned a box fan towards her to blow her hair around a bit. I wasn't looking for realism, just some consistency. Half of that wiki is about the book being debunked. "U.S. and German sources estimate the number of German POWs who died in captivity at between 56,000 and 78,000, or about one per cent of all German prisoners, which is roughly the same as the percentage of American POWs who died in German captivity." Why would the German sources be short a million dead soldiers? There is not an adrenaline rush in the world big enough to allow a human to crawl on the underside of a flying plane. Ever stuck your hand out of a moving car going 70? Not if I can help it, but I live in a condo and there is a very chatty older lady on my floor who wants to talk every time we cross paths. She's super nice though, so I deal with it. However I used to live in a townhouse next to a Mexican family who would constantly bring me leftovers and invite me to dinner. They gave me so much food I barely had to go grocery shopping for those two years. Best neighbors ever. I mean, it makes sense when you add all the details in on your own, but the movie doesn't explain or show us anything. I didn't hate the film as much as most, I just think it was a waste of such massive potential. The first one was amazing, and this was such a weird follow-up to it. I'd wish for this movie to never have been made. A mix between Chris and Gordie. I was more thoughtful than my most of my friends, but also got into a lot of stupid shit. I was definitely quieter than Chris, but definitely not as awkward as Gordie. To be fair, the kid seemed to be pretty content just staring at things and almost never speaking. So there's that. View all replies >