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That's not Henry Cavill on the cover? What's the drunkest you've ever been? MASSIVE plot hole... Hmmm... How do they always... So... Cat... *SPOLIERS* The one thing I dont get... I just noticed .. View all posts >


If I ever got invited to one, I would laugh for a long time, and then respond saying I'd be too busy watching Netflix to attend. And also I hope your baby is ugly. Why dont they just make a new superhero, or superspy franchise (in the case of Bond) and make them black from the start? This would seem the obvious path. But as seen of late, Hollywood seems to be afraid of creating new franchises. I wonder which POC will play Marty McFly when they inevitably remake Back to the Future? I've never seen McConaughey not use his southern accent, so I'm not sure how that will play out. Ghostbusters (2016) I had jury duty once when I was about 21. I went to the courthouse, sat in a room with about 35 other people for about 4 hours. Then they came in and let us out for lunch. We went back and sat for another hour or so, and then a guy came in and called 12 names, including mine. We were led to a courtroom, where the judge told us that our case had been thrown out and we could all go home. Not a bad day. I wonder what happened to the other people. I knew from the thread title that you were also in MN. Hot chocolate time. Oh cool. So even though they didn't actually show him taking both guns, you knew he was going to fire a gun out of his left coat pocket instead of draw the other gun during the showdown. Sure thing, bro. I really hate Asparagus. They have ready been said, but.. Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story. I also have a soft spot for The Santa Clause and The Grinch movie with Jim Carrey. 3 best friends get invited to a party by the cool kids. The main character wants to go to said party hook up with a girl hes in love with. They need to go on an adventure to find something that will allow them go to the party (the lost drone, the impossible to find alcohol). Along the way they question their friendship and then have a 'break-up'. They eventually make up in the end. It's the plot of both movies. View all replies >