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A twist in Croft's doggie tail! No image for Bonkers? Bears are after Croft too! What a cool name he has! Is this the bush kangeroo one? Never Forget! Remake to be named Crofto? You see that look in Madison's eyes Croft? Toto's gonnae get ye! There's a Moose loose about the house! View all posts >


Nothing against you AS but pretty much anything is more intense than that. Thanks Keelai! Yeah, that one was rubbish. A remake is probably the best they could do before progressing. Don't worry Dazed. Barry the time travelling sprout took him on a huge adventure spanning years prior to the death that you know. It's all part of the Mandela effect. You can look it up! And that's fair enough. I just don't think bypassing vertebrates and trilobites brings in enough of the length of time knowing who our enemies are is as an instinct. I'd say it goes a little further back than mammals Spanners. Which one was episode 8 again? I enjoyed it Ent, I think I glanced the nuance contained within it and yet also took it for the initial presentation most folk would assume it has as complete. Great work and I hope to see more in the future! Jim posted within the last week with a fairly generic thread saying that the site is being worked upon and how it is great and will be better. I don't know about the whole social media angle as I like anonymity when discussing movies and TV but there is a share option within each post which allows folk to share if they wish to. I agree that it's a great option out of those available AR. As long as all the axes are out of the garden the little bundle of joy should be OK. Well 2008 Dawson seemed to be at peace with the world, took him a while to get there though. View all replies >