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What a pile of nonsense. It does not matter how many millions of signatures they get, it wont make any difference. No petition has ever prevented a movie from being made. Exit...stage left! Isn't the simpler explanation to all this that its alien, therefore the normal rules of biology don't apply...? Beats me why some guys think any movie involving a love story is someone only for women. Besides...there is much more to this movie than the love story. There is spectacle, intrigue, humour, heroism, betrayal, cowardice etc. Plenty to appeal to everyone across the board. Tell your dad he's an asshat. I also think that Mamet's dialogue in GGR is one of the hardest to get right when performing it live on stage, as there is a lot of overlapping and interrupted dialogue between characters. And getting the timing and rhythms of that dialogue right is not easy. In the recent stage production I saw there was one seasoned actor that clearly just could not do it. I know such types of dialogue are not to everyones taste, but it is realistic. In real life people rarely pause and let people finish a sentence, especially during a heated conversation or debate. However, on film its easier to re-do scenes and edit the final product to achieve the desired aim. Whats interesting is that Baldwins speech was not part of the original play. It was added, as were others, when Mamet wrote the screenplay for the movie. Many theatrical productions still use the original script from Mamets play rather than the movie, hence Baldwins speech is not included. I saw a production of this a couple of years ago in London with Christian Slater in the Ricky Roma role, and it was not included. That said, for me the best scene is the one between Lemmon and Spacey where Lemmon confesses. I am not sure Lemmon has ever been better. The sheer heartbreak of his character is powerfully portrayed. Not sure how it is in the US, but here in the UK because of Covid/lockdown, home delivery of food, takeaways and all sorts of goods has gone through the roof. To the degree that there are many, many sorts of delivery drivers on the road, ranging from guys on pushbikes delivering takeaway food to big lorries delivering shopping. I would go as far as to say that as a result, the only type of job that is safe under the current situation is delivery driver. There has always been a certain dark element to even the oldest of stories and fairy tales told to children. You could cite stories like Snow White with the evil witch...Hansel and Gretel with its theme of cannibalism...Bambi with the mother getting killed...Red Riding Hood with a wolf wanting to eat a child...Pied Piper, kidnapping children etc. There has always been an element of horror of some sort to such stories, and I think it very deliberately teaches children from a very young age that the world can be a scary place, and at some point you are going to have to grow up and deal with it. Movies basically do the same. It's just a shame that the OP is not able to grasp that simple fact. Why? I don't get the point of what you are asking. How can people who did not witness it tell you what it was? Truth is it could have been anything. There could be many explanations. But you said it was reflecting sunlight so your view of it could not have been that clear due to the suns reflection. Basically, you don't know what it was, so just leave it at that. View all replies >