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Also, never hold anger, that's where the forgiveness comes in, people who are in a fallen state are not themselves they are influenced by the spirit that controls them. All people who do wrong would do better if they could. People have to admit their wrong or else they will remain spiritually blind. There is nothing any person can do until that point. If you ever reach that point remember this : Forgive and love all people, love God with all your heart. Good luck ! No. Its actually amazing how people in a fallen state use their so called "intellectualism" to deceive others while their own lives are messed up. That's what is amazing. i don't have to prove anything to anyone. Its a blessing that i can live it and know truth from lies. Christianity is truth. Thank God for Trump. Exists, is a cheap b movie made by people with zero talent. The two films are nothing alike. The blair witch project is a modern day horror masterpiece. This was dreck. the black jock speaking ghetto. the dumb hot girl, the nerd stoner, that movie right? the movie that sounded like it was written by a college film student who ends up flunking out after the first year? this was another of those completely forgettable straight to the trash can movies. Agree completely . The music broke the atmosphere completely. View all replies >