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Posts washed up...and broke. Maybe now we'll stop seeing his fugly looking face everywhere. What a disgusting woman (if she is a woman) Any significance to the 3.00 AM news broadcast? Sick and tired of seeing this vermin's poop lips What do you think caused the phone (and eventually the power) to go out? Do you think they would have survived if... Kate has class, Meghan is nothing but crass. Sick! I wish the guy well View all posts >


LOL, thanks for the comedy. I guess truth is racism. Glad you got it out of your system. Any more anger now and you know what to do? LOL. Imagine if the queer said that about Muslims though. But the end of time brings hell on earth, some believe it will be the rapture and some belief it will just be days filled with chaos, terror, destruction and pain before God returns to destroy the world. It will be filled with death, earthquakes, war = intense suffering. That is what many if not most people fear about the end of the world, which is not the end itself, but how the order of the world will be totally disrupted. They will see sights that will bring terror. As for the 'see you in hell' muttering, I took it as the old priest could tell that Thorn was probably destined for hell (he was a politician and perhaps a corrupt one himself). The ending (like it was filmed) would not have been filmed that way at all because it wold be deemed as 'offensive' and 'hateful'. As for your 'wrong side of history' post, you may want to have a rethink. Very true. I don't think people (survivors if there were any, or perhaps their relatives) were able to connect what happened to Carrie because they didn't actually see her do anything. But the events happened right after the bucket was pulled over and this increased people's anger at Carrie. Also, I think people were also angry because she (the butt of the joke) survived the actual prom fire while others didn't and those relatives of victims directed their hatred to her. However, while writing this, it is possible that since she died in a house fire shortly after the prom, people somehow connected her with the fires. In the sequel, Sue actually knew that Carrie had telekinesis but this knowledge may have come later. Too right. The decor in my house is mid-twentieth century. Very plain, yet, decorative with lots of wood. This episode was extremely creepy! I reckon. View all replies >