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Meh 11th rate actor Anyone have any ideas about what happened to Rafferty, and the other people in the town? A real spokesperson and tool for Communitarianism. I advise people to wake up and realise that you are being conned. This is quite a creepy film. Won't be watching anymore! THis is really getting stupid now. Giving help to people who are burning our cities Pretty damn scary View all posts >


No, but saw this film in a seminar. Oh, I think it could be. This movie came out after the women's movement. The problem is, no one would make a film like this right now because it wouldn't be 'cool'. Me too. Well said. I actually felt that way about several of my teachers --bullies in a school environment and protected (the school) because that is what they were in school/college. Yet, they wouldn't survive in the real world for more than ten minutes. Yep, lightweights. To be honest with you, I don't think you'd be seeing much. I don't even think you can get close to them now. He was accused of paedophilia, wasn't he? That may be, which I doubt, but climate change is not about climate change, it's about control. I don't think my post was intended to be a joke. But thanks to those of you who took it seriously. I'm sure they'll be someone taking his place. The question is, are we powerful enough to keep him/her at bay. Yes, this film did but back then, low budget films (many, not tall) only had a limited release. View all replies >