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Very Angel Heartish Nasty individual Never heard of him, until today. Didn't some poor dude get the soles of his feet tickled by one of the trolls? She is the creepiest excuse for a human being I've ever seen Curious about some of the things not shown Spoiler: The Flip Side of Satan Spoilers: Cochran's workers Spoilers: The ending View all posts >


Can you recommend other neo noir/or general horror/suspense films that come close to be as creepy as Angel Heart and having almost the same impact that Angel had on me? I agree with you on Angel Heart being the best movie ever made. Thanks for the grammar lesson. :) This film is proof that practical special effects rules over CGI. Got to admit, why or how were they comfortable for guys back then. I hated the tube socks. Also, these guys were wearing the shorty shorts while having fun, not to occasions like the movies, where Judy, Ricky, Paul, and Angela wore jeans. They didn't even wear the shorty shorts in the rec room either, just when water or dirt was involved. Also, did you catch the high socks on the guys? Now I hardly wore those of course I was within the age range of 6-9 in the early 80s but still man, they made my feet sweat as well as my mates. The father was a prick! Like that pitiful excuse my dad's ex-wife married. me too Neither did many straight men, especially those who fished or did landscaping work. Is there anybody on here ever thought about why he never snuffed it? I mean, he was one of the main people who gave Angela a hard time. View all replies >