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Nope, it should be a crime. His career ended a couple years ago after he got demoted to 2nd string because of a horrible QB rating. Once defenses figured him out his career crashed hard and fast. When did I say I’m White? Lol Diversity isn’t a bad thing, however forced diversity is morally wrong. You seem very bitter and angry at the white man, maybe you should do something with your life. What you’re talking about is mass genocide, arson, and will go to jail in 2018 for this so what exactly is your point? If we ignore race that a mob of white people will slaughter blacks and the courts will turn a blind eye? I’m not talking about ignoring hate, I’m talking about ignoring race. If minorities are so insecure by the color of their own skin in 2018 then maybe they should move to a country where they’re no longer the minority. White people for the most part don’t ever think about skin color nor do they care about race in never even enters their mind. But minorities have been brainwashed into seeing racism everywhere they look, it’s a sad state of affairs here in America. The only way to stop racism is for minorities to grow thicker skin and to start acting more like white people (not playing the victim card, ignoring race, speaking in complete sentences and showering every day). You’re talking about art, I’m talking about a 5 foot 3’ skank who’s shopping for bread with her ass hanging out like a 3 cent hooker. Stop making excuses for these sluts. It’s not bad, but we need to stop acknowledging skin color because talking about it doesn’t help. White People never acknowledge themselves as White and it’s why they hardly deal with racism because they can’t get offended if their skin color isn’t part of their identity. Blacks on the other hand make such a big deal about “being black” that it only hinders them. Actually I’m not gay (which is a sin) and I do care about society breaking down because people have no sense of morality these days. I mean, show some decency and self respect. While you’re at it let’s go back to the caveman age...ohhh wait let’s not. If you can’t tell the difference between 1930’s conservative women and what we have to deal with today....well I think you need to open your eyes. A slugger wants a challenge, not a two bit whore who practically gives it away immediately. Meryl Streep, Jason Statham, and The Rock Men who prefer women to dress slutty usually aren’t married and are still stuck on 1st base. I’m a slugger by the way, you should try it sometime. Women can wear whatever they want as long as they’re not flaunting their sexuality in our faces. I don’t care how hot a woman is, it should be a crime to show the bottom of your asscheeks in public. Yeah because Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell are intelligent....get your head out of the sand. Do I have to change my opinion on the wall? How about we lower the wall by a few feet, kind of like a compromise. Never heard of it ☺️ An obese person on a scooter would still look better than her. I mean just look at her, wth happened? [url][/url] ^^^^ don’t even click on it, sooooo bad omg. Yes some people are born ugly and stay that way all of their life. But even these people are nowhere near as ugly as Kelly McGillis at 61. If I hadn’t known any better I’d have assumed a gypsy put a curse on her. If you feel so bad for Kelly McGillis then why don’t you track her down and give her a pity lay? I’m sure she would swing her door right open, no questions asked.