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My mistake... They actually posted this a month before I did, but I never saw it when I checked around I actually like the new character. It's funny because before she came on the show I was thinking to myself, they should put a new character on the show, like maybe a foreign exchange student. And they did! So I guess it was my terrible idea ;) I think the main reason they put in an exchange student is because all his daughters are getting older so they want more young people on the show, another high school kid I guess What episode was this cause I don't remember that at all Mandy cheated on Kyle? When was that? Yeah you're basically right, which is why she's my favorite character I guess. Although she does have some feminine qualities. She's supposed to be a lot like her dad and I think her character is pretty and funny. She throws sarcasm and common sense just like Mike does at the annoying characters in the show. Hope you enjoy it 😁 There's no need for you to "wonder" which episodes are based on true events, it's not some big secret. The narrator will tell you if it really happened, and like you said, they have interviews sometimes at the end of an episode. "Other characters kind of feel like parodies of themselves now." Well, when a show runs this long, it needs to come up with new ideas and so characters making fun of themselves and how they behave in a long running show makes sense. Lots of shows do this I actually think Erica has become more likeable in the later seasons. She used to really annoy me in the earlier seasons. She was a stereotypical teenage girl that was popular and cruel to others. For example, in one of the early season episodes she is trying to be political and calls her mother "a dumb housewife" or something like that and Beverly is the one that ends up apologizing at the end of the episode? And another episode where she says she'll never stop having a crap attitude because everyone else sucks? I think in the later seasons she starts becoming more understanding and gets more reality checks, especially after she ends up with Geoff, whom I think changes her personality a lot. Erica doesn't even really exist anyways. I will agree with you on the part with Erica getting annoyed with her mother with almost everything that she does no matter what, although that's kind of the point they make at the end of the karaoke episode I think they did a good job with the editing and incorporating the movie into the show, except for some of the editing on the plane. The seats on the plane didn't match up, they seriously didn't even try to make them match up? View all replies >