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In this film you get a guy "choosing poorly," drinking a poisined cup, and then seeing him age rapidly with a nasty skull face, a woman falling off a cliff, Nazis, a near death experience with fire, a near death experience with propellers on a boat (and after that watching the boat get shred into pieces), Indiana Jones standing face to face with Hitler, Indiana Jones dodging blades to save his dying father who just got shot, a "Hey we tricked you part" where everyone thinks Indy may be dead, plane crashes, swimming in a dark cave with dead bodies and rat infested water, and at the very beginning Indy running on a dangerous train to chase bad guys and facing snakes, his worst fear. Actually you're not, majority of people like Temple of Doom the least I watched the first episode last night and I enjoyed it, I didn't think I would hate it from the beginning, it still just doesn't make much sense. I started watching it before I've finished season 6 so maybe once I watch all season 6 episodes it will all make more sense. Now that I think about it Lainey and Barry break off the wedding in The Wedding Singer episode (Haven't seen it yet but there are spoilers everywhere.) So maybe she does return to college and get a degree. I've heard rumors that Barry will appear in Schooled and they will probably tie the knot. On Twitter Adam F. Goldberg said, "They can't get married in the 80s because in real life my brother got married in the 90s." I think that was kind of a hint. I just don't understand why they didn't wait till The Goldbergs was over to start Schooled. Why is there a remake being planned? What's so crazy about it? I don't see the problem with it Haha well he may have been the loudest part of the movie, although the part where the ship sinks and the horse runs on the beach is pretty drastic and loud too. I don't remember any characters in the movie dating outside their race? But it's one if the funniest parts! I've heard that the way blacks were treated in Europe during that time and before has always been different than in America. I'm pretty sure they didn't suffer as much oppression and segregation and were treated more equally View all replies >