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They do that on purpose so they can use any reference they want for whatever episode they want. The goldbergs does the same thing all the time. They honestly don't care that much about it, they're just havin fun In some ways, yeah. I'm not saying Fault In Our Stars is a wannabe copy cat, it's actually very different. It isn't revealed that she's sick till near the end of the movie/book, whereas in FIOS you know from the very beginning that the two main characters both have cancer. But I feel like A Walk To Remember was one of the earlier stories to deal with dying teens. I've never seen Fault In Our Stars but to me it seems like a dumb movie undeserving of its popularity. Seriously, what's so great or different about it? A Walk to Remember is such a good movie and is the O.G. Fault In Our Stars isn't even a good film. Reading the negative reviews on it is fun 😈 I hope you're joking and people don't actually think these things I didn't even know there were certain people who considered any of those films sexist or racist. Other older blockbusters I've heard many complaints about, but none of the ones you put in your post My mistake... They actually posted this a month before I did, but I never saw it when I checked around I actually like the new character. It's funny because before she came on the show I was thinking to myself, they should put a new character on the show, like maybe a foreign exchange student. And they did! So I guess it was my terrible idea ;) I think the main reason they put in an exchange student is because all his daughters are getting older so they want more young people on the show, another high school kid I guess View all replies >