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Charlize Theron reveals her daughter, 7, is 'transgender' (maddening!) Ban on abortions after 1st heartbeat sent to Ohio governor Lori Loughlin Rejected Plea Deal / faces new charges. She doesn't "accept". Prosecutor says Smollett Likely Wouldn’t Have Gone to Prison Even if Found Guilty Barbra Streisand's comments/ backlash re: Michael Jackson/pedophilia Roseanne Barr calls #MeToo accusers 'hoes,' slams Sen. Kamala Harris How is he remotely defensible with all the factual evidence? Eric Trump says he wants his father to declare a national emergency at border. Eden in 1964's "The Brass Bottle" about a male Genie (Burl Ives) Deju-vu. View all posts >


Or it could be that people are hypocrites for expecting others to forgive, when they might not forgive people in their life--nor do they have to. It's only because Jane Fonda is a movie star who they admire, so she gets a free pass You cannot do anything you wish ,as long as you apologize later. I, personally, stand neutral regarding Fonda, but find the typical self-centered sheep to be the problem. The OP with their bold-caps "how many times does a person have to apologize" is whining like an angry child, when it's none of their business whether others forgive North America is a very large place, and there is no sole opinion on her appeal.(the same with the dubious "Wayne's World"). In general, she was never considered at the top of the line for beautiful or a deity. That would belong to Farrah Fawcett, and others. Her peak was more in the 80's, also. My PC doesn't have audio, but thank you for the link. I dont' recall the Chariots of Fire theme (though I probably have heard it) I found this: "orchestra leader Paul Mauriat, whose familiar instrumental version (recorded in late 1967) became the only number-one hit by a French lead artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 in America" That's cool. I suppose the popular instrumental from that time period (from a film perhaps) "Love is Blue" is out of the question then. But, even if I disliked the song, I would not need to vent such emotion/anger over it. Makes me wonder it's just the nature of the board, or if some people have never experienced real pain. I believe "left the cake out in the rain" is a metaphor for the entire song. From what I can decipher, it's about losing someone, a lover, equated to something being ruined and irreparable ( the cake in the rain ruined). At the end of the song, the lyrics indicate "(the memory?) in his hands...and I will use it", and that after all the people in his life, "that lover will always been the one" . It's not about an actual cake in the rain and losing a recipe But, regardless of the lyrics, I find the music enjoyable and with an edge/modulation.. If Donna Summer recreated the song, she did it to "improve" on it, or because she liked it? The suspension of disbelief is that Lucy could not have tied herself up that way and gagged herself. There are other times when Lucy takes the blame for something, when it's not completely deserved . But, this is enough to "annoy!" you? What is with these EXTREME adjectives people use today? You're literally annoyed? I wish that's all I had to be annoyed about. View all replies >