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Charlize Theron reveals her daughter, 7, is 'transgender' (maddening!) Ban on abortions after 1st heartbeat sent to Ohio governor Lori Loughlin Rejected Plea Deal / faces new charges. She doesn't "accept". Prosecutor says Smollett Likely Wouldn’t Have Gone to Prison Even if Found Guilty Barbra Streisand's comments/ backlash re: Michael Jackson/pedophilia Roseanne Barr calls #MeToo accusers 'hoes,' slams Sen. Kamala Harris How is he remotely defensible with all the factual evidence? Eric Trump says he wants his father to declare a national emergency at border. View all posts >


And South Central L.A and the Sam Fernando Valley: trashed by our Central American comrades No, the OP is not "obviously" racist. You are in denial of the truth due to typical PC crap. And it doesn't matter why a certain ethnic group is more lawless in proportion to other races--they fact is, they are. ''...but, but, whites also break the law' and blacks have made contributions": that's the usual comeback in discussions like this which means squat. Keelai You're an immature hypocrite who just wants an excuse to insult a person whom you dislike. Yet, if we had a President who you liked, you would not cite his weight. Nor do you care that the majority of society is overweight. Nor do you understand that exercise is not the main factor for obesity--food-intake is the most important reason. What are you, 12 yrs old? There is no bigotry occurring; you NEED to see bigotry.or "homophobia". The same pandering occurs with blacks (yes, that's still an acceptable word to use) who feel entitled to be over-represented when they comprise 13% of the general population, or the industry is not being "diverse" enough. You must be bigoted towards heterosexuals then. It comes down to self-entitlement; so typical and the norm these days in all areas of society. Since most murders go unsolved, you sure CAN get away with it. With those bizarre married folks who murder each other, they were possibly sociopathic to begin with. For custody, I imagine it would depend on the nature of her mental-illness/ ability to function. But if she proudly admits in court that she's leaning the child towards gender-change/ cross-dressing, that would be enough Geez. The thing to do is report her to Social Services and report that she's doing such. Even if she denies it, it's better than nothing. (social services may not think it qualifies for negligence either, I dont' know). I highly doubt any physician would condone this, We cannot genetically test or do a CT Scan for this, though. (you cannot do one for a concussion or that disease that football payers get from constant head trauma, though there other symptoms present). With other disorders or conditions, there are tangible symptoms. But, I agree, children should not remotely be thinking about "transitioning", and to subject a child to the notion is abusive. People think they are being progressive, when it's only self-defeating There is no way to show faulty brain-wiring, no more than with other conditions. All we have is the so-called transgender's word on it. That is an emotional concept, not a physical/physiological one. (and people are not fish, or other organisms, for example, that eat/defecate from the same opening). View all replies >