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.. welcome, Vastuntitled Your welcome..the interesting thing is A Star is Born (1954) was also comeback of sorts and a high career peak, but followed by a decade of slow-activity With Valley of the Dolls, she had a difficult time leaving her dressing room. Duke sympathizes with Garland waiting in her dressing room all day until her scenes were to be shot, adding to her anxiety with no help from the director, which then led her to alcohol. Garland's comeback was supposed to be 1967's Valley of the Dolls, but was fired during production. She was burned out (as you say) by this time and hadn't made a film since 1963, and only a few films in the 10 year-period before that. (Valley of the Dolls' star Patty Duke frequently spoke about her experience with Garland on the set) Not using Garland's own voice seems to defeat the general public growing a new awareness and appreciation of Garland's voice, as expressed by some posters (maybe there is press elsewhere on why they used Zellweger's voice) I wasn't particularly a fan of hers but also noticed the squinting and lip-pursing which Garland did not do, just by watching the trailer. (however, did Sissy Spacek receive critique when she did her own singing and looked nothing like "the Coal Miner's Daughter"?) Yes, thank you. I must have been in a hurry when I typed it. You were too? I suppose some of Zellwegers' own mannerisms/gestures can't help but come through (especially if they want the film completed in a reasonable amount of time) unless it's an exact impersonation. I agree. Zellweger did an excellent job, as I mentioned above. I recall My Week With Marilyn. I was just saying that one doesn't need to be an expert (and I don't even know what that adjective really conveys in this case ) to acknowledge whether an actor did a realistic portrayal. "Expert" is a strong scientific-sounding word. I am not saying Zellwegger did not do an excellent job, yet I could see that without being a big Judy Garland fan (same with Monroe). View all replies >