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Ok, this is weird Clint? Clint Eastwood? Was the good guy bad guy thing meant to be a surprise? What's the point? WHat exactly happened to Blaine? View all posts >


Exactly. True Lies, Executive Decision, Iron Man, Taken, even as far back as Raiders of the Lost Ark which had Muslim characters who readily aligned themselves with the Nazis. Hollywood was never afraid of Islam. What, do people celebrate things in South Africa? It wasn’t just any old promotion. Wikus was being put in charge of the whole relocation programme. His father-in-law was a powerful man too. LOL. Hey, I got that joke at least. That was hilarious. And he hates being right all the time. No it isn't more likely, sorry. Trenches were dug at the lines where the two enemies faced each other across open ground. Troops had to get on the ground to avoid being shot and they started to mound up earth in front of them, and from there basic trenches were dug and then more elaborate version that you can stand up in. Neither side wanted to engage in trench warfare but they had no option as the weapons of war had advanced so much since the 19th C. They certainly didn't pick an old mine and decide to make their front line at that point I just got an email from Alex Cox. How melonfarming cool is that? I asked him, earlier today, whether there were any other known cuts of Repo Man, other than the sweary main cut and the totally non sweary TV cut. The one I've been watching for years since about 1985 turns out to be some mash up of the two, which must have been done by some editor at the BBC prior to its first broadcast in the UK. Nothing to do with Cox. That's still weird though. I understand that TV companies force edits into films, to remove swearing, or butcher films to make them fit in a particular time slot but it seems unusual for someone to decide they like certain bits of each of two cuts, then make their own version to broadcast it. Still, I feel like I've been spoken to by cult movie royalty. Repo Man. I've been saying it for years, nay, decades, to my wife every time I go get the papers...get the papers. Last night she watched Goodfellas for the first time ever, and I said "See? Get the papers" "What?" "Get the papers?" "Eh?" "I always say that when I go to the shop" "Do you?" "Yes, for years" "Oh" Jeeesus! The way his face greyed as his blood flowed out was quite haunting, especially if you've ever seen a recently dead person. I would say it was much better than when Damon Grant dies in Damon and Debbie. (spoiler alert) View all replies >